Starlink increases the prices of its subscription and connection equipment

Starlink, the satellite internet access service, will cost more. The SpaceX subsidiary has announced a significant increase in its prices, whether to acquire the essential equipment to connect or for the monthly subscription.

Starlink customers, current and future, will pay more for their internet access. This is the bad news announced by SpaceX, which operates the Starlink satellite network. The starter kit, which was previously sold for $499, will be priced at $599 (or “only” $549 for users who have paid a deposit).

A 10% more expensive subscription

This kit is essential to connect to the Starlink network, it includes a modem and a dish. And the price hike is not over, since the monthly subscription, which cost $99, will now cost $110. A 10% increase is not nothing: certainly, inflation has been there and if it is high overall, it does not reach 10%!

Inflation, however, is the reason given by SpaceX to justify this price increase. The service offered by Starlink is such that many customers will accept these higher prices: the comfort offered by the satellite operator is incomparable compared to an ADSL or even cellular connection of poor quality, such as what can still be found in poorly covered areas. Moreover, the flows recorded independently are there to prove it: Starlink technology is effective. But you will have to accept to pay more for it…

In France, the subscription at 99 € per month has not changed, on the other hand the hardware kit goes from 499 euros to 634 euros. A nice increase! As for the future Starlink Premium formula, it has not been increased, but it must be said that it already represents a good investment: $2,500 for the equipment, and a subscription of $500.

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