Tension in Alpine: Esteban Ocon strangled Fernando Alonso against the wall before the breakdown: “He made us lose time”

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix has left a bittersweet feeling in the Alpine team. On the one hand, it seems that they have consolidated their position as leaders of the middle zone and are even in a position to discuss with Mercedes in certain circuits, but the loot of points that they have taken has been very poor again .

And it is that Fernando Alonso’s Renault engine has broken down when he was comfortably placed in sixth position. The worst thing is that before he had a heated scuffle with Esteban Ocon, his teammate, who was slower but defended surprisingly aggressively against Alonso.

Alonso had sixth place when the Renault engine broke, which is already second

Alonso Ocon Arabia Saudi F1 2022

The Alpine race looked very good. Already in qualifying they achieved fifth and seventh position on the grid, with Ocon ahead of the best Mercedes, George Russell. And also at the start both managed to maintain their positions. But then Ocon’s running pace began to pale in the face of his pursuit.

Ocon barely fought for position with Russell, which suggested that, with more reason, the same thing would happen with Alonso. Nothing could be further from the truth. the french did a very dangerous maneuver cornering Alonso against the wall, and continued defending first and then counterattacking in the successive laps.

Ocon Alonso Jeddah F1 2022

The result was that when Alonso finally wanted to get rid of Ocon, by order of the Alpine wall, which was very slow to take it, George Russell had already gone ten seconds to the Asturian. Before the duel they were practically glued. Even so, Alonso has been diplomatic with Ocon before the press.

“It made us lose time, but in Bahrain we also fight in the first stint, although there we had different strategies and today we had the same one. My car seemed to go a bit faster today. I tried to pass him and go to focus on Valtteri Bottas, because I thought he had a bit more speed,” Alonso said.

Ocon Arabia Saudi F1 2022

The saddest thing is that when Alonso already had sixth position in his pocket, the Renault engine broke down. The Alpine stayed in fourth gear and Alonso had to retire from the race. It is not an isolated incident: the propellant that Alonso used in Sakhir has already been replaced and sent to Viry-Chatillon to observe a leak.

Ocon was able to finish the race and he did so by inheriting that sixth position that belonged to Alonso, and that later would have belonged to Bottas if the Alfa Romeo had not also broken. Ocon fought to the very finish line against McLaren from Lando Norris to save some points, but will surely receive a slap on the wrist from Alpine.

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