the French streaming platform could continue its journey without France Télévisions

The expected merger between TF1 and M6 will have significant consequences in the French audiovisual landscape of course, but also for Salto. The common streaming platform between the two private groups and France Télévisions would see its structure completely turned upside down.

Salto, the streaming service supported at arm’s length by TF1, M6 and France Télévisions, can it survive in a PAF where TF1 and M6 are one? The merger between the two private groups, pending the green light from the competition authorities, will indeed reshuffle the cards between the owners of the platform.

The merger that changes everything

Gilles Pélisson, the president of the TF1 group, declared during the professional forum of the Series Mania festival that if the future group born from the merger between TF1 and M6 were to be created, ” mechanically we will have 66% and France Télévisions 33% of Salto ”, the three companies owning the service equally. At least until now. And this imbalance is not to the taste of Delphine Ernotte, the president of the public service.

In the event of a marriage between TF1 and M6, ” Delphine Ernotte indicated that she wanted to go out. So, we are in the process of finding a solution with her so that this is done in due form. “, adds the leader of TF1. This solution is the withdrawal of France Télévisions from Salto and the purchase of the share for 45 million euros.

This would be heartbreaking for Delphine Ernotte, since it was she who pushed for the creation of Salto for years, before the service finally saw the light of day in October 2020. France Télévisions “ must be the undisputed leader of free streaming in France “, she assured last November. This will no longer go through Salto, whose future will be in the hands of TF1 and M6 once the merger is validated.

Salto has pulled off several nice moves in recent months, for example offering a preview of all the sagas Harry Potter and James Bondwithout forgetting the broadcast of the meeting Friends. Delphine Ernotte indicated that the platform had 700,000 subscribers.

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