This app will help you take your medications on time

Today there are applications for almost anything, some being more relevant than others, but the truth is that these apps can help solve a problem that, in earlier times, it could have become a bit more complicated.

The area of ​​health and medicine has a wide variety of apps, among which we can find Simpill, an application whose purpose is help you remember when to take your pills and medications.

This open source project has a very basic and simple operation. In fact, the developers make it clear that this is the main objective of Simple: be an intuitive and easy-to-use application for people of any age, without ads and showing users just what they need to see.

A calm and minimalist interface to make reminders of your medications

Here you can get up close to what Simpill is about

Once you enter the app you will be able to observe its interface with pastel colors and minimalist design, from where you can start adding all the medications you take, in order to organize everything and thus create the reminders separately.

For this, you must click on the round button with the symbol +which will display a separate window to enter all the data of the medication you must take, that is, the name of this, the frequency with which you should consume it in the week, among other details.

In addition to all this, an interesting fact that you can add is the date on which you must return to the pharmacy to replenish your supplies of the medications you use, something that is pretty good.

Finally, once you have added all the information of the medicine that you are registering to the corresponding file, you will have to click on a button that is shown right next to it to indicate that you have already taken your pill. When you’ve done this, the app will reset the reminder for when you need to take it again.

Finally, it could be said that Simpill fulfills everything it promises, doing it in a simple way and without wasting the time of the users who use the app. As for your download, you can get this application totally free on Google Play, So how do you like this app, are you already using it to take all your pills on time?

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