This is the KEPUP smart watch, the new youpinlab for less than 20 euros


If you are looking for a smart watch with an elegant, slim design, with the possibility of monitoring up to 10 exercises, blood oxygen and several variables related to health, but without spending a lot of money, pay attention to what is new from youpinlab.

This is the new KEPUP, a watch that is available for $19.99 during these first five days of launch, capable of measuring practically the same as high-end watches, but at an infinitely lower price.

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Here’s a coupon to get an extra $4 off: YOUPIN3KEPUP, valid from March 28 to April 1, 2022.

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KEPUP Watch Features

KEPUP watch

Among its great advantages we can highlight:

  • A battery life of 7 days.
  • A 1.69-inch TFT HD screen (240×280). It has light colors, and space to display message reminders without interrupting the content. It can be displayed in high definition under strong outdoor light, and boasts smooth and quick reaction to touch.
  • Possibility of configuring it to monitor heart rate for 24 hours. Being able to have a graph with the daily heart rate helps us detect possible problems.
  • Possibility of monitoring blood oxygen 24 hours. This variable is increasingly common in watches of this type. Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) is a physiological parameter related to respiration, circulation and physical health, so it is important that it is always kept close to 100%.
  • Sleep tracking. It shows the number of hours of deep sleep, light sleep, REM phase… Having knowledge of these values ​​helps to improve the quality of sleep and develop good habits to improve it.
  • Possibility of measuring up to 10 different sports. Outdoor running, indoor walking, yoga, outdoor cycling, rowing machine… up to 10 different sports measuring the main variables of said activity.
  • Call/message reminder
  • IP68 waterproof class, something essential to not worry about rain or sweat. We can use it while washing our hands, for example, although showering or swimming with it is not recommended.

KEPUP watch

As you can see, they are the classic features of a smart watch of about 50-100 euros, but in youpinlab they have managed to reduce their price to really attractive values.

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