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Do you want to drastically reduce the cost of your mobile plan? Prixtel has an offer not to be missed. Your subscription can cost less than 5 euros per month without having to make any concessions.

In France, the average cost for a mobile plan has risen in recent years. Currently, for a classic use of a smartphone, it is necessary to count between 13 and 20 euros per month. This gives you access to all unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and an envelope between 30 and 100 GB of data. A few years ago, when operators were waging a price war, prices were much lower.

If today, this era is over, there are always opportunities to save money. This is the case at the moment with a flash sale signed by the MVNO Prixtel which lasts until Monday evening. It allows you to have a package complete with 50 GB for 4.99 euros per month. For almost all French people, this data envelope will be sufficient.

I take advantage of the Prixtel offer

Often, the operators impose a fixed limit beyond which the out-of-bundle is applied. As soon as you exceed the maximum data allowed, it can quickly become very expensive. At the MVNO Prixtel, there is a solution to this: it offers a package with progressive levels that allow you to have an extra data envelope for a reasonable price.

A mobile plan with tiers

To continue with the example of the 50 GB mobile plan, you have two additional levels: 60 and 70 GB. If you exceed the 50 GB limit in a given month, you will therefore be automatically switched to the 60 GB level which is at 7.99 euros per month. The following month, you can very well go down to the 50 GB level at 4.99 euros.

Month after month, Prixtel will therefore look with you at your actual usage. And you will therefore switch between the levels of 50, 60 and 70 GB if necessary. The latter is priced at 9.99 euros per month, which is still among the most competitive on the current market. Whatever your mobile data usage, you will always pay as close as possible to your consumption and at a price that is always correct.

To meet all French people, Prixtel also offers two other versions of its mobile plan. They follow the same operation with stages but they include more data. The second plan oscillates between 100 and 140 GB, while the Giant plan varies from 140 to 200 GB per month. The latter is also the only one to include the possibility of taking advantage of the 5G network of the operator SFR.

I take advantage of the Prixtel offer

Prixtel gives you no reason not to go: its mobile plan is non-binding and carbon neutral. In a few clicks on its site, you can subscribe to its offer and cancel your current subscription at the same time. You will need to ask for your RIO code on 3179 (free) which will give you the key to change operator and keep your phone number.

Which of the three Prixtel subscriptions should you choose? According to U.S, the best mobile plan from the operator is the one that starts at 50 GB per month. It is an already very important envelope which will be perfect for almost all French people. When you know that Wi-Fi consumption (home, work) is not included in this envelope, 50 GB will be more than enough.

Mobile plans that exceed 100 GB are intended for very specific uses. This is the case, for example, if you use your smartphone as a regular router to share your internet connection (with your computer, tablet or other). This is also the case if you have a very heavy use of streaming video. If you watch one or two movies a day on your mobile, it might be worth it.

A RED Deal not to be missed

Apart from Prixtel, there is another player that stands out this weekend: RED by SFR. The latter currently offers an original mobile plan, which is combined with a free smartphone. Here you receive a Samsung Galaxy A22 5G offered (worth 259 euros) if you agree to choose a 100 GB package at 15 euros per month his home.

From a value for money point of view, this case is exceptional. Admittedly, it will be necessary to commit to two years but the financial calculation is good: over this period, the mobile plan will have cost 15 euros x 24 months = 360 euros. In return, RED by SFR gives you a Galaxy A22 worth 259 euros. You can choose to resell it directly to collect the profit.

In the end, if you resell it at its official price, the “real” cost of your subscription will therefore only be 360 ​​euros – 259 euros = 101 euros. This amount is to be spread over the entire 24-month period. In the end, this therefore amounts to 4.20 euros per month for 100 GB. This is the best mobile plan in terms of value for money, but you will then have to go through the resale box of the smartphone. That said, you can still keep the Galaxy A22 to enjoy the product: it’s very good for everyday use.

I take advantage of the RED Deal

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