What is Amazon Business about and what advantages does it have?

Without a doubt, Amazon is the e-commerce company which generally gives more security, Whether it’s their customer service, the number of products you find on their platform, shipping times, etc.

Well, all this can be much more improved if you are a customer with a Prime membership. Now, in case you belong to a company or are self-employed and have special needs for various products, Amazon Business is the type of account you need.

But what is it about Amazon Business? Basically, this service for any company, institution or self-employed user has the special objective of improving their purchasing process, since if we are talking about a company, it is evident that you will have to acquire supplies and materials on a constant basis.

Something that should be clear in this regard is that Amazon Business is a type of account that is not available to everyone, since to create one it will be necessary whether it’s providing a corporate email, or migrate all your personal Amazon account data from where you’ve been making all your business purchases.

What are the advantages of having Amazon Business

Being very clear about what this service is about, we can go on to tell what are those advantages that it brings and that allows companies to enjoy this type of accounts in an appropriate manner.

– Get the best special offers for companies.
– Take advantage of great discounts on purchases of large quantities, thus reducing the costs of your purchases and improving your income flow.
– Multi-user support that allows the Amazon Business account, thus allowing an entire work team to have access, approve orders, make purchases, etc.
– Merge your Amazon Business account with platforms such as Coupa or Ariba to improve the management of your purchases and expenses.
– Free unlimited shipping available on millions of items.
– Study the cost analysis of your orders with data graphs and special reports on how your purchases are going.
– Detailed invoices with all the information on your purchases, including their respective tax section.

Amazon Business is undoubtedly a service that offers great strategic support to all interested users, so if the option has called for you and your company, you can purchase it completely free of charge or also sign up for the Business Prime version to get more benefits.

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