4 HomeKit tips for your smart home powered by Apple

HomeKit is Apple’s answer to the growing trend Smart Home. With HomeKit you can easily and securely manage smart home devices using the voice assistant Siri, Apple’s iOS devices and the Home app. In this article you will find tips to get even more out of your HomeKit smart home.

HomeKit Tip: Use Thread-compatible products

When expanding your smart home, make sure that you choose HomeKit-compatible products that support the Thread standard if possible. Thread ensures a more stable HomeKit network because the devices can network with each other and pass on control commands. Products that do not support Thread must instead connect to your HomeKit headquarters, which can be difficult or impossible depending on the standard.

However, there is a catch: In addition to the Thread-compatible HomeKit accessories, you also need a Thread-enabled HomeKit center, such as one HomePod Mini.

Thread is especially recommended if you have a large apartment or house, or if you want to use HomeKit devices in the garden as well.

You can find out more about the new standard in our guide HomeKit mit Thread.

HomeKit tip: use zones

Zones in HomeKit make controlling the connected home easier. Zones can be groupings of rooms on the same floor, such as a kitchen, living room, or bedroom. You may have all of the areas on the ground floor grouped into a zone called Ground Floor.

With zones you can not only control individual accessories and rooms, but also the entire floor at once. Voice commands such as “switch off reading light” for a light bulb are then possible; “Turn off living room” for the entire area; or even turn off all lights on the same floor by saying “turn off ground floor”.

Apple HomeKit: How to set up zones

  1. Choose a room
  2. Tap on the house icon in the top left and scroll down to the room settings
  3. Within the room settings you now have the option to select a zone or create new HomeKit zones
Apple HomeKit: set up zones

HomeKit tip: Control the smart home with other devices

The iPhone isn’t the only device you can use to control your smart home. With any device on which you can use Siri, you can also control the HomeKit devices. In addition to iPhones, Siri also works on HomePod Mini, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and devices running macOS. In everyday life, we find it particularly convenient to operate the Smart Home with Siri and an Apple Watch, after all, the watch is always on the wrist.

HomeKit tip: Choose the right surveillance cameras

HomeKit conveniently displays live images from compatible surveillance cameras on the Home app’s start screen. When buying surveillance cameras, make sure that they not only support HomeKit, but also Apple’s cloud storage HomeKit Secure Video. If you already have an iCloud subscription, you can then store the videos recorded by the camera in Apple’s cloud without additional subscription fees.

An option for indoor use is the Eve Cam (available for example at NBB*). For example, the “Netatmo Smart Surveillance Camera Outdoor“ an.

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