a race against time to prevent Ferrari from choosing Charles Leclerc

The Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix served to confirm what we already saw in Sakhir: Ferrari has built a great car who will fight for every victory and for the world title. That should be great news for Carlos Sainz, the Spanish driver who runs for the Maranello team, but a dark side is beginning to appear.

In Jeddah Carlos Sainz’s pace was again much lower than Charles Leclerc’s, and could not get his hands on the Monegasque in the classification. Yes, Sainz was back on the podium, but seeing the level that Red Bull and Max Verstappen have, it would not be surprising that Ferrari choose a leader soon, and that today would be Leclerc.

Third consecutive podium for Carlos Sainz in Formula 1

Sainz Arabia Saudi F1 2022

In both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia we have seen one thing clear: Charles Leclerc has more race pace than Carlos Sainz. The Monegasque is more comfortable with the new Ferrari F1-75 and shows it throughout all the practice sessions, where the times are much easier for him than for Sainz.

After the race in Jeddah, the Spanish rider explained that “I suffered a bit with the medium tyre. We have taken a step forward compared to Bahrain, I could push harder and ride more comfortably. I know exactly what kind of corners I am losing in. It is important for my don’t lose too many points as long as you are not comfortable with the car“.

Carlos Sainz Arabia Saudi F1 2022

Sainz started third and made a good start, but was blocked by Leclerc and lost position to Verstappen. Ultimately, it may that bolt to his partner deprived Leclerc of the victory, since he was left without a squire against Verstappen. The problem is that, that Sainz begins to put on the suit of Rubens Barrichello.

Finally Sainz found himself on the podium thanks to the bad luck of Sergio Pérez, who was leading until a safety car came out just after the pit stop. Sainz and Pérez went out in parallelbut with the Spaniard a little ahead, although the FIA ​​was slow to react and prevented Sainz from attacking Verstappen on the restart.

Perez Sainz Arabia Saudi F1 2022

Not everything is bad for Sainz. You have to savor what the Madrid driver achieved in Saudi Arabia his third consecutive podium, after Bahrain and the last race of 2021, in Abu Dhabi. In addition, after one lap Sainz is being able to make times close to those of Leclerc. But lack of race pace.

With such a good car and so many races ahead, it seems difficult for Sainz not to achieve this year his first pole position and, above all, his first victory. The problem is that if he wants to aspire to more he must react now, because he is playing a race against the clock to prevent Ferrari from opting for Leclerc in the world championship.

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