ACEA calls for faster expansion: 14,000 new charging points per week needed

After initial difficulties, more and more electric models from established car manufacturers are now coming onto the market. In the meantime, they are no longer niche models, but vehicles suitable for everyday use at affordable prices. Combined with the state premium, this leads to high demand. The market share of the Stromer is increasing continuously.

The dark side of the success is that the expansion of the charging infrastructure is not keeping up with the development of the number of registrations. Although many owners charge their e-cars at home, many are unable to do so as they park by lanterns or have to make charging stops on longer journeys. A McKinsey study reported by the European Association of Car Manufacturers (ACEA) shows a worrying development: While sales of electrified vehicles have increased tenfold in the past five years, the number of charging stations has only increased by a factor of 2.5 .

In order to keep up with the development of electric cars, up to 6.8 million public charging points would have to be created across the EU by 2030, according to the ACEA. That would correspond to 14,000 new charging points per week. So far not even 2000 are installed per week. “The transition is a long-distance race,” says BMW boss and ACEA President Oliver Zipse.

According to the ACEA, additional infrastructure would be required for commercial vehicles. Trucks need more space and a higher charging capacity than cars. By 2030, the association expects 279,000 charging points for commercial vehicles across Europe.

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From the data center:

Number of charging stations in the German federal states in February 2021

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