“Do I get points for finishing tenth?”

The Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix he’s not going to be fondly remembered by Lewis Hamilton. The most successful driver in history had a lousy weekend in Jeddah, leaving eliminated in Q1 of the classification and coming back only to tenth place in a race in which fourteen cars finished.

Hamilton was having a fairly even weekend with George Russell, away from the front, and had one of his bouts of madness where he completely changes the settings of the car before qualifying. The result was catastrophic, leaving negative historical data for his career.

Lewis Hamilton ignored the Mercedes radio calling him to the pits with the VSC

Hamilton Arabia Saudi F1 2022

A) Yes, Lewis Hamilton was eliminated in Q1 of the Saudi Arabia Formula 1 Grand Prix. He qualified sixteenth, and that Yuki Tsunoda had stopped the Alpha Tauri and Nicholas Latifi had crashed into the wall. In other words, he was only faster than the substitute Nico Hülkenberg and Alexander Albon.

Although Hamilton had been eliminated before in Q1 as a Mercedes driver, the last time in brazil 2017, it is the first time it has happened without an accident, breakdown or previous engine change. For sheer speed, Hamilton was eliminated in Q1. You have to go back to 2009, when he was still racing with McLaren, to find such a precedent.

Hamilton Jeddah F1 2022 2

But the worst was yet to come. Far from the comeback that many predicted, the Mercedes W13 is far from its predecessors and Hamilton couldn’t make much progress in the race. He opted to start with the hardest tire with which he came to lap sixth before having stopped. The safety car, provoked again by Latifi, did not help him either.

Still, Hamilton could have fixed it by pitting when the cars of Fernando Alonso and Daniel Ricciardo stopped blocking the ‘pit lane’, but he was not attentive to his team’s order and did not take advantage of the window in which the garages were still open. Kevin Magnussen, who was coming from behind, did so and overtook him.

Hamilton Jeddah F1 2022

Listening to the radio messages, from the wall of Mercedes clearly told Hamilton “box, box, box” when he was heading for the finish line, and the ‘pit lane’ was still open, but Hamilton was so distracted asking whether or not he could overtake Alonso’s Alpine, who was wandering around the track, that when he wanted to react to Mercedes’ order it was too late .

They then closed the pit lane and, while Magnussen and Nico Hülkenberg had stopped, Hamilton had to wait for the virtual safety car to be removed to do it. That is, he lost even more positions, leaving comfortably out of the points. Only good luck allowed him to add, although he didn’t even know it.

Hamilton Arabia Saudi F1 2022 2

The breakdowns of Alonso, Ricciardo and Valtteri Bottas allowed Hamilton to reach that tenth position after overtaking Lance Stroll and Alexander Albon on the track, who also collided with each other. When Hamilton was informed of his position from the pits, he asked: “Do we get points for finishing tenth?“.

Yes, Lewis Hamilton took a point that leaves his locker at 16. He is fifth in the world championship, 39 points behind Charles Leclerc and also behind his partner, George Russell. With the exception of the Baku one-lap race last year, you have to go back to 2013 to see such a poor result from Hamilton in a normal race. live to see

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