Ford patents a hydrogen heat engine that could save V8 Mustangs

The future of the automotive industry is certainly electrified, but this has alarmed fans of heat engines and some historic brands, who are now looking for an escape. Well, the perfect escape could be hydrogen: now Ford is also targeting hydrogen heat engines.

The new hydrogen heat engines are no longer as shocking as they could have been a few years ago. Toyota is the company that most of all has invested in this technology and has come to create one Hydrogen Corolla optimized to run real races (Toyota ran an endurance race with a hydrogen-powered Corolla).

Now Ford is also pointing in this direction: the historic American manufacturer has several sports cars to save, especially the Mustang range, which thanks to hydrogen could keep its aggressive spirit even in a zero-emission world. Ford allegedly patented a direct injection turbocharged engine running on hydrogenas issued by the publication Muscle Cars and Trucks.

The patent that arrived online shows the operation of a single cylinder, however it is clear that Ford can expand the reasoning to more cylinders, which is why it is reasonable to expect a V8 powered by hydrogen. Ford and Toyota are therefore at the forefront to save sportsmanship and thermal engines, together with Yamaha (this Yamaha V8 engine runs on hydrogen): thanks to hydrogen they will be able to operate with zero emissions.

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