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Four smart connectors pack under ten thousand Alin

Teckin smartphones have a price / value ratio that is very good without any promotions or birthdays, but if such a discount comes in, it is always worth buying something from them. The first highlight of this birthday is a smart connector, from which the four-piece package can now be ordered at a much more affordable price.

The smart connector must be inserted into the conventional socket and connects to our home WiFi networkwhich also means that you can control it with your smartphone anytime and from anywhere. In essence, we can connect our connected device remotely whenever we want. The practical benefits can be enormous, we can attach a lamp, coffee maker, audio system, and anything else. For example, it might be a good idea to set it so that it doesn’t power on devices that we don’t use at night, so they don’t even have a standby LED on them.

Since it is a smart home device, so we can time it to our liking and make it depend on other accessories. Teckin’s tool From Smart Life or Tuya app controllableand in the app you can not only adjust the socket, but we can also see the energy consumptionso we get an accurate picture of how much electricity our device eats.

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