Google Maps blocked more than 100 million modification attempts in 2021

Any Google user can make edits to maps on Google Maps. We can say that a place no longer exists, or that there is wrong information about another, or that a new business needs to be registered on some street… it is even possible to say that a number is not where the map promises.

These editions are often made by the same users who are fond of earning “points” with local reviews, the editors who have spent years and years earning a certain prestige giving their opinions, putting photos and making Google Maps a better place for everyone, but on other occasions they are made by bots with sinister objectives.

That’s right, a bot, or some malicious user, can ask Google Maps to make an edit with the aim of distributing false information or favoring a specific business, and Google Maps has managed to block such edits more than 100 million times. times only in 2021.

Google says it used machine learning and human operators to block fraudulent business profile modification attempts, removed more than 7 million fake profiles, and stopped 12 million attempts to impersonate a business. The result was the removal of 1 million accounts due to related policy violations.

In addition to this false information, Google also has to deal with false reviews, since sometimes hundreds of users are synchronized in forums to harm a company by punishing it for something that happened inside. In total, they indicate that more than 95 million reviews that violated Google’s policies were discarded, and 60,000 of them were related to COVID-19.

When it comes to photos and videos, they removed 200 million photos and videos that were of poor quality or that violated policies.

A use of Artificial Intelligence that helps keep the web clean of trolls, although this generates a lot of headaches for those who have businesses with keywords that a machine may find “suspicious”.

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