Instagram tests mixing stories, posts and reels in a single main thread

When we enter Instagram we have three options to browse its content: see the stories, browse the reels or view the traditional publications.

It’s chaos, mainly for content managers, who no longer know in what format to publish what they want to spread, dizzying themselves with statistics to make the decision of how to create the next video.

It seems that Instagram knows it too, and now they are testing a feed where the three types of content appear mixed, thus preventing the user from missing out on posts and facilitating the work of those responsible for the brands’ social networks.

And el tweet Posted by app researcher Alessando Paluzzi, it looks like Instagram is doing away with the top Stories bar and presenting everything in an immersive, full-screen, slide-out UI.

The experimental Instagram feed would include regular Feed, Stories, and Reels posts, all within a single stream.

This way of displaying content would align with the evolving usage trends led by TikTok. It would also allow algorithmic improvements based on your response to each specific post, since it would be the content that is responsible for the numbers it generates, and not where it is posted or the format of the post.

In TikTok, videos are shown one at a time, full screen. It’s much easier to use, with likes next to it, floating comments, swipe… there’s a specific answer for each video, and that makes the recommendations better, because it’s easier to determine the profile of each video. user, making it more addictive than the competition.

At the moment, Instagram Reels are the ones that contribute the most to the growth of this network, and users spend more time with Stories than with their main feed, mixing the two formats makes much more sense than it seems.

Unfortunately this is only a prototype, but everything seems to indicate that it will not take long to see it on our mobiles.

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