SeaTable, the excel of the future built with Low Code

Lately we are hearing a lot about “low code” or “no code” platforms, development platforms that sometimes allow you to create applications without programming, while others do so with minimal programming, dragging, configuring and dropping components.

Having an application with minimal programming has many advantages when it comes to maintenance, although you can imagine that there are certain limits with this way of working. What they do is use a graphical interface and precompiled models to create apps at high speed, without much customization, in most cases.

Because it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of coding required, even in enterprise-level apps, they are usually cheaper, and do not require senior profiles for maintenance, as long as very specific functions not contemplated in the models of the enterprise are not requested. platform.

That does not mean that scripts cannot be used, or that business analysis or process modeling techniques cannot be done, and the application that I present to you today demonstrates it.

This is SeaTable, a software that is presented as a hybrid of table and database, an “excel of the future” that grows with the individual needs of users without the need for programming knowledge and adapts flexibly to the desired processes .

They present it to us like this:

[…] the Lego software construction kit with which I can immediately assemble my individual processes in the cloud or on premises. Equipped with functions that go far beyond those of a classic spreadsheet, like Excel.

It has been created by two brothers, who created the company in 2020 creating software that already has more than 100,000 downloads and more than 100,000 cloud users.

In the next five years, they want to become the world’s leading low-code solution.

You can see the tool at

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