the liter will be 20 cents cheaper for all drivers

The President of the Government Pedro Sánchez has advanced some of the measures of the ‘Shock Plan for Response to the War’ already announced and that will be approved tomorrow, March 29, in the Council of Ministers.

It has done in the forum ‘Generation of Opportunities’organized by Europa Press, and among them is the expected reduction in the price of fuel, which will be a total of 20 cents per liter of fuel.

This measure that had been announced for carriers after the agreement reached between the Executive and the large employers, as Sánchez has now detailed, will be extended to all citizens and will remain active, at least, until June 30.

Minimum 20 cents per liter in gasoline and diesel from April

Fuel dispensers at service station

“The Government will make a discount of at least 20 cents on each liter of fuel. The Government will apply a discount of 15 cents and the oil companies a minimum of five cents” explained the President of the Government during his appearance.

It is expected that this measure will be applied from this week, Starting Friday, April 1. At least this has been confirmed in the case of carriers, although given the announcement is now extended to all consumers, it is understood that it will also apply from the same date.

Spain thus follows the path of neighboring countries such as France, which already announced a reduction of 15 cents per liter and that will enter into force in April, as well as Portugal, which will give a subsidy of 0.40 euros per liter in a 50-liter tank.

To achieve this measure, and others contemplated in the Shock Plan, the Executive will have a endowment of 6,000 million euros that will be allocated both to direct aid and tax reductions.

In addition, the plan will have 10,000 million euros in ICO credits to cushion the impact of the crisis on families and companies.

diesel pump

On how it will be applied, we will have to wait for what is agreed and defined tomorrow in the Council of Ministers, since it is not detailed how this reduction of 15 cents that the Government promises to assume for each liter of fuel will be made.

According to latest data from the European Oil Bulletin, although the price of fuel has been reduced minimally in the last week, it is still very close to two euros on average. The gasoline is now located in 1,813 euros per liter and the diesel in the 1,790 euros per liter.

However, we are talking about average prices, since that figure can exceed two euros, especially in stations close to large urban centers.

The oil companies make a move, but the small stations denounce little margin

Gas station and car refueling

In this way, oil companies like Cepsa have already confirmed the discount of 10 cents per literwhich will be extensible to any user to refuel at their service stations, mentioning “a universal and immediate discount”. And it will apply from April 1, being in force precisely until June 30.

Repsol also announced a few days ago the application of the same bonus, 10 cents per literalthough in his case for customers who pay for refueling through the Waylet payment application, as well as for customers and carriers with a Solred card. The oil company detailed at the time that this campaign would last until April 18.

However, from the service station sector they are wondering how these bonuses are going to be implemented, especially the small stations that have been greatly affected by both the price and the drop in demand for fuel.

And it is that according to what has been transferred to Motorpasión Nacho Rabadán, director of the Spanish Confederation of Employers of Service Stations (CEES), “We do not know how the service stations will be able to assume itbecause in some cases the margin is less than five cents”.

There are small stations, explains Rabadán, especially in rural areas, that have been forced to stop their activity due to the price of fuel, since they cannot afford the costs. However, it is understood that the direct aid now advanced by Sánchez will allow them to be applied.

Víctor García Nebreda, general secretary of AEESCAM and AEVECAR, has also expressed his concern to us, referring to “very slim margins” and that its affiliated stations are hardly counting on marhen to “cover expenses”.

As to how is the carrier strike affectingboth associations they deny lack of supply at their stationsbeyond specific problems due to the pickets.

“We have coordinated with the Civil Guard in all the provinces to ensure supplies, which for us is absolutely sacred. And we have achieved it,” says Rabadán.

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