Tronsmart presents a new waterproof speaker and discounts on all its products

There are many electronics companies that end this month of March with various offers and discounts on their products, and this March 28 will make it very clear.

Tronsmart has not only wanted to take advantage of the week of discounts, it has also launched a new product, a waterproof speaker they call Trip.

As well as being fully IPX7 waterproof and boasting stylish external features, Trip offers some very cool technical features such as its dual passive speakers with dual drivers that deliver full-range sound with tonal balance and punchy bass. It also has improved Bluetooth 5.3, for wireless transmission that guarantees a more fluid and robust connection.

It is not a large speaker, but that does not make it less autonomy. Tronsmart Trip offers 20 hours of playback on a single charge, and has been designed with lanyards so it can be hung on your backpack, pants, or bike rack.

It is a speaker for outdoor adventures, hiking, rock climbing or other activities.

It is available at Tronsmart official store for €17.45

Tronsmart Air and Air+ Active Noise Canceling Headphones

Also on sale are the Apollo Air and Air+, headphones with hybrid ANC noise cancellation that eliminates up to 35 dB in low, medium and high frequencies, very sold in 2021.

There are three ANC modes users can choose from to suit individual needs: ANC On, which blocks out any surround sound; ANC Off, which allows you to focus on the music and, of course, Ambient Mode, which enhances the ambient sounds around us while listening to music without being completely isolated from the outside world.

They feature Qualcomm’s flagship QCC3046 chip, to improve music quality, and TWS+ synchronous transmission technology, for faster transmission and lower latency, reducing battery consumption.

One of the most impressive features of the headphones is the smart app control. We can use the app to customize the equalizer however we want.

The Tronsmart Apollo Air+ also comes with an instant in-ear detection feature, which stops the music when you take it off. Charging is made easier on the go because they can be charged wirelessly on compatible charging pads.

During the sales period, Apollo Air and Apollo Air+ will be available for purchase for €20.81 and 30,74€ respectively in the Tronsmart Official Store

Super Loud 60W Party Speaker – Tronsmart Bang

The Tronsmart Bang is an affordable 60W portable speaker that packs a lot of punch and can deliver nice stereo sound, via a pair of tweeters and two large woofers.

It uses SoundPulse technology, and is designed to deliver a louder sound level than the average Bluetooth speaker can handle.

It’s large, with a built-in handle for easy portability, and offers an immersive, beat-driven light show using multi-colored LEDs that sync, pulse and glow to the beat of the music.

The speaker can also be synced with up to 100 other Tronsmart Bangs and they will all pulse and bang together.

Leveraging an IPX6 water-resistance rating, the Bang is capable of handling anything that comes its way, including liquid splashes, as well as dust, snow, and even rain. The Tronsmart Bang has up to 15 hours of continuous battery life at 50% volume and will fully charge in 4.5 hours. It can also be used to power your smartphone instead of plugging it into a wall while you’re on the go. Additionally, the Tronsmart smartphone app includes a graphic equalizer that allows the user to switch between a selection of tonal presets as a user customizable setting.

Tronsmart Bang can be found for €101.06 in the Tronsmart official store.

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