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Wide selection of Li-Ning shoes for Ali’s birthday

When we discovered the Li-Ning brand on Aliexpress, they were even cheaper, they cut our shoes for such a small amount of money that it was surreal to think back to. We bought a couple of models for less than 10,000 forints, for which only the bottom shelf waste can be obtained at home, and Li-Ning has brought a very high level in sports shoes compared to that. We have been wearing two or three pairs with our colleagues ever since Li-Ning Red Rabbit IV-et. Unfortunately, since then there has been a change in VAT law, inflation, Covid-19, the Ukrainian war, so it will never be so cheap again due to other factors. However it’s still true that they go a damn good price anyway, and we can buy professional shoes at a much cheaper price than domestic alternatives.

The choice of size is not a problem either, because for all models they give the sole length in millimeters, from which we can calculate. We haven’t shot next to us with these shoes yet, we’ve already covered several half marathons and many more smaller distances in our Li-Ning pike, for a total of hundreds of miles.

On Ali’s birthday, we can buy a bunch of models at a particularly good price because they can also use store coupons, automatic discounts and sitewide codes. The best offer is still the Rouge Rabbit IV, which can be ordered for only 13,200 HUF, yet it is up to the quality and performance of a ‘western’ shoe for many tens of thousands of forints.

Here is a list of discount shoes without claiming completeness:

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