crashes his Ford GT Heritage Edition into a palm tree for “not being familiar with the manual transmission”

There are some events that cause more pain than others, and this is the case. A few weeks ago we learned of owner of a Ferrari 488 who, after taking the car out of the dealership, crashed two kilometers after embarking on the triumphant ride.

On this occasion, we must go to Florida, where the owner of a brand new 2006 Ford GT Heritage Edition almost fresh out of an auction ended crashing the vehicle into a palm tree “for not being familiar with the manual transmission”.

$704,000 to the wooded

John Peddie 2

Photo: John Peddie.

From Road & Track This news comes to us from Boca Raton. The driver, Robert J. Guarini, 50, told police he lost control of the vehicle after shifting from first gear to second gear as he was leaving his development.

This maneuver caused him to crash head-on into one of the palm trees, later assuring the police that the accident was caused by his lack of driving cars with manual gearboxes.

The Ford GTa 557-hp V8 dressed in Gulf livery, had been purchased at a Barrett-Jackson auction in early April for the modest price of $704,000.

Luckily, according to the owner’s version, he was only driving around 56 km/h, ruling out speeding as a possible cause. However, the blow was strong enough, explains the header, to trigger the airbags and disable the vehicle.

John Peddie 3

A Facebook user named John Peddie witnessed the moment and uploaded to his facebook the images after the coup, in which one person is seen talking on the mobile (presumably Guarini) and another immortalizing the moment.

However, Guarini has assured Road & Track that behind the blow several factors were also playing against him, such as “old tires” or a “muddy pavement”.

Photo | John Peddie

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