Folk, a CRM for managing contacts and influencers

If you work in the world of digital marketing, you probably have a database of influencers in different categories.

A list of people with a lot of influence in the motor world on Instagram, another list of people on TikTok who talk about pets, another of technology bloggers… in short, you have to be organized in life.

Many times these lists are managed directly from a spreadsheet, but there is a more practical way to do it, with a Topic-specific CRM.

Is about folk.appa new solution that is capable of importing contacts from various sources, including linkedin, so that we can have access to the contact details of the influencers that we have been getting to know, with the possibility of contacting them from the platform itself.

In this video it is possible to know it above:

folk initially started as an internal tool at eFounders studio, but they realized that more people needed a CRM to centralize, organize and activate their contacts. They have been inspired by the new generation of tools without code such as Webflow, Airtable, Notion or Shopify, and now offer a product based on customization and simplicity.

The free option is limited to 200 contacts and 200 messages, by the way.

In reality, it is nothing that cannot be done with internal organization in a traditional office, but being able to send messages and import contacts from other platforms can save a lot of time for people who work with this topic every day, getting in touch with influencers from various social networks and various themes, a job that can be exhausting and where it is necessary have a history of all conversations.

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