Rock gem up for auction! This Chevrolet Corvette C8 belongs to a member of KISS, it was the first to leave the factory and includes a guitar

To the long list of oddities on wheels that the Barrett-Jackson house has put up for auction throughout its history, this impressive Chevrolet C8 Corvette descapotable custom designed which was built especially for rocker Paul Stanley (aka ‘Starchild’): co-founder, guitarist and one of the leaders of the band KISS.

This awesome C8 was the first to leave the factoryas confirmed by your VIN (Vehicle identification number) 001 2022, and will be offered in Las Vegas accompanied by a guitar electric guitar of the ‘frontman’ of the American group signed by him.

A truly special ‘one-off’

Stanley es a self-confessed fan of exclusive sports carsand this convertible Chevrolet C8 Corvette was one of the brand’s last jewels to enter its collection, but not the only one. It is preserved in its original stateas it left the Corvette factory in Kentucky (USA).

C8 Kiss

That it was the first to come off the assembly line is no coincidence. With a musical career of 45 years behind him, over 100 million albums sold and a deserved place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (since 2019), Stanley can afford to have an extensive collection of cars that includes several units of the brand.

In addition, it has a close relationship with brand managers. Already in 2013 Stanley and Corvette joined ties with the launch of the Corvette C7, and the following year the brand’s own CEO, Mark Reuss, invited the musician and artist to participate in the design of a Stingray for the 2014 SEMA Show.

As a painter and throughout his career, Paul Stanley has sold paintings worth more than 17 million euros, so he accepted the challenge without hesitation and worked closely with the design team for months.

Inspired by a sports car that had him in love, cgot a specific color for the car, which in 2016 was adapted to be offered as an option for Corvette customers and named “Long Beach”.

When Stanley learned that Corvette was going to start development of the C8, he didn’t hesitate to reserve one. I talk to Mark Reuss and commissioned a bespoke combination that highlighted the Corvette’s features. According to the artist, “his goal was to incorporate his favorite elements from some of the European vehicles he loved the most.”


As a result, the C8 convertible powered by a 6.2-liter V8 coupled to an 8-speed automatic transmission, it did not undergo mechanical changes, but it was adorned with the striking paint color “Metallic Red Tint Coat” (evolution of the “Long Beach”). In addition, some specific details such as the wheels were added.

the inside in a discreet sand tone It works perfectly to give the car a very attractive appearance and “different from the color schemes that American sports cars usually have,” says Stanley.

Barrett-Jackson will offer his custom Corvette C8 without reservation at the 2022 Las Vegas Auction, which will take place from June 30 to July 2 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Next to the car, the highest bidder will get an Ibanez PS120 electric guitar signed by Stanley.


According to Stanley, including the instrument with the sale is the perfect way to combine two of his passions. “The guitar is another part of my life, another aspect of who I am. So I thought whoever got the car would have another part of who I am,” she said.

Thus, this car will be a great centerpiece for some lucky KISS fan, as well as for any collector (or both). “It’s an amazing car, and having a VIN 001 is the dream of any collector”, dice Stanley.

He sells it for make it available to someone who can take advantage of it, either to add to a collection or to drive it, but whatever you do, be happy with it”. Maybe it will give us time to save and this summer is a good time to travel to Las Vegas.

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