The news that Twitter prepares for its application on Android

Despite the fact that Elon Musk has not yet been able to take the reins of Twitter, the blue bird’s platform continues to bring more than interesting news, which will be added to many others that we have seen in recent weeks.

And we say that they will be added since they are not yet available to all users, like the Circles, whose tests launched yesterdaystatuses in tweets, and more, which does give an idea of ​​the possibilities that users will have in the near future.

New possibilities for regular Twitter users

And it is that in 9to5Google have just discovered some new features that the social media platform are working on for their app on Androidhighlighting two in particular: the possibility of including photos and videos in the same tweet, and the arrival of the “awards”.

Regarding the inclusion of photos and videos, currently it is only possible to include up to four photos or a single video in a tweet. Twitter It works so that photos and videos can be mixed in the same tweet, although it does allow up to a maximum of four of these multimedia elements in the same publication.

And with regard to the “prizes”, at the moment its operation is not entirely clear, although seems to be similar to the prizes available on Redditby which users will be able to award prizes to tweets, and the tweets that receive them will be able to expose them publicly.

It is believed that this feature could become part of Twitter Blue, the subscription service for those who want additional features within the platform, and that Musk himself has already stated his intention to make it cheaper.

At the moment it is unknown when these two news will reach users, nor when the circles, the statuses for tweets and biographies, as well as other news that they are preparing, such as the new function of discovering profiles and tweets, for which “Join” and “discover” buttons will arrive, as they have also discovered.

The immediate future of the platform is more than interesting, in the absence of knowing how the changes that Musk plans to introduce will materialize once the purchase operation is closed, and that has not left anyone indifferent.

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