Google Maps will have a new option for you to plan your usual routes

Google Maps will have a new option that will make it easier for you to plan your daily trips.

If you look at Maps how the traffic is before leaving for work or to check the route to your destination, the new dynamic that Google is testing will be useful to you.

Google Maps will let you set your favorite mode of transportation

Google Maps has many options that make it easy for us to move around the city, plan a trip, explore nearby places, find restaurants, gas stations, etc. And without mentioning all the information that we can find in the file of the companies that are integrated in the searches of the app.

One of the first options we found in Google Maps It is the possibility of searching for a destination so that it gives us a route taking into account a mode of transport. It is an action that we must repeat whenever we look for a destination, since the routes offered by the application will depend on the means of transport.

And this may be a bit simpler in the future, as a new option will be added that will allow you to set your preferred modes of transport. Yes, you can highlight your frequent modes of transport as “favourites”.

For example, if you check traffic on Google Maps for driving to work, you can indicate “driving” in your favorite medium so that it retains your preference for future reference.

If you are a frequent user of Google Maps, and you have been using the app for years, you will know that this option was already available in previous versions. However, it was not visible within the main Maps interface, but was hidden within the app’s settings.

Now it seems that the Google Maps team wants to give this option a second life, but with a little more prominence. As the screenshots show 9to5Googlethis new option will be included in the bottom panel of the main page.

At the moment, it is only a test function, so we will have to wait to see if Google decides to bring it to the stable version of Maps.

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