Lithium-oxygen batteries can solve the future of the electric car, and science knows how to improve them

Las lithium-oxygen batteries have the highest theoretical energy density among all known battery chemistriesconsidering it a disruptive technology if it could be applied in a practical way.

For this reason, researchers at the University of Technology in Sydney have designed a molecule to increase the performance of new-generation lithium-oxygen batteries and achieve the autonomy of electric cars is the same as that of combustion vehicles.

A new way to develop high-performance lithium-oxygen batteries


Imagen: Science.

Generally, a non-aqueous lithium-oxygen battery consists of a lithium metal anode separated from a porous oxygen cathode by a conductive electrolyte, and its operation is based on the extraction and coating of lithium on the negative electrode and formation and decomposition at the positive electrode.

However, he faces challenges such as low discharge capacity, low energy efficiency, or electrochemical oxidation of the electrolyte and cathode materials.

The studypublished in the journal Science, shows how after years of research, a new molecule that would end the problems of lithium-oxygen batteries and make them durable, as well as highly energy dense.

The research details a lithium-oxygen battery operated through a new extinction mechanism based on direct chemical reactions between a versatile molecule and superoxide/Li2O2.

The battery shows a 46-fold increase in discharge capacity, a low charge overpotential of 0.7 V, and a life cycle greater than 1,400 cycles.


The capacity to charge and discharge is one of the most problematic aspects when it comes to promoting new battery chemistries, so look at the solid state batteries as the ultimate solution for electric cars: they discharge quickly to provide the necessary energy and charge just as quickly.

This discovery opens a path to enhance the performance of lithium-oxygen batteries, a promising technology as a way of storing energy and especially favorable for the democratization of the electric car if it can be scaled economically.

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