Nvidia’s GeForce Now brings 4K game streaming to PC and Mac

We continue to observe how the different game streaming services from the cloud continue to expose their cards so as not to be left behind in the face of the advances of their most direct rivals. Now Nvidia’s GeForce Now is the platform that has shared an interesting novelty for those who use its service from desktop computers.

Nvidia’s GeForce Now opens up the possibility for game streams on PC and Mac to be in full quality at 4K 60fps. Now, this is possible as long as you use the native application, it is part of the maximum subscription level, that is, the RTX 3080, and as long as the screen is compatible with this quality level with this refresh rate.

Boosting the benefits for the maximum subscription level

Nvidia sticks out for the use of its rendering technology through Artificial Intelligence called NVIDIA DLSSof which it points to improved graphics performance thanks to the use of dedicated Tensor Core AI processors in RTX GPUs.

They state that:

DLSS harnesses the power of a deep learning neural network to increase frame rates and render beautiful, sharp images for games.

It should be noted that 4K resolution streaming at 60fps on GeForce Now launched last year, initially coming to Shield TV devices.

But today, Nvidia has not only remembered desktop users, as they have also made official a novelty for users of their game streaming service from the cloud on mobile devices.

In this regard, they point out that are bringing 120fps streaming to new mobile devices like Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 UltraGalaxy Z Fold3 y Flip3, y OnePlus 9 Prowhere the necessary requirement is to be part of the maximum subscription level, that is, the level RTX 3080.

This new batch of devices joins the Google Pixel 6, the Galaxy S20 and S21, and the Asus ROG 5 phones, which have already had this support for a long time, and it is possible that in the future we will see the list expand to more devices. mobiles.

With these developments, there is no doubt that Nvidia is boosting the maximum subscription level to enable users to have the highest quality when spending hours and hours with their favorite games.

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