This is the new soundbar from Sonos!

Sonos is launching a new soundbar. According to The Verge, the final name is Sonos Ray.

Affordable Sonos soundbar!

Two weeks ago we reported that Sonos is about to release a new soundbar. Now the colleagues from “The Verge” have found out the name of the soundbar. The cheap and small soundbar is called Ray.

Sonos Ray is said to cost $249. Of course, the soundbar can be integrated into the multiroom ecosystem. The soundbar is very poorly equipped. In order for Sonos to achieve such a price, the soundbar has no Dolby Atmos support, no microphones for smart home assistants and no HDMI port. The number of built-in drivers should also be lower than with Sonos Beam. The Sonos Ray offers Dolby Digital and can be expanded with other Sonos speakers to form a 5.1 system.

While the details are rumours, I assume that they will be accurate. Would you get such a soundbar? Or do you think it’s not worth it? I can understand if someone wants better sound than the TV speakers but isn’t willing to spend a lot of money. Write me your opinion below in the comments.


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