Welcome to Miami! The Alpine A110 dresses up in the neon lights and art deco style of Ocean Drive for the Formula 1 GP

Just as Will Smith sang a few years ago: Welcome to Miami! Not only will the city welcome on Sunday, May 8, the first Miami F1 Grand Prixbut also to Alpine. The French brand will exhibit for the first time the A110 was officially on US soil.

To celebrate, the French car manufacturer is presenting two special configuration packs for the Alpine A110 which are a slap in the face of the eighties, in the good sense of the expression.

Inspired by Ocean Drive’s neon lights, art deco buildings, colorful sunsets and the city’s vibrant music scene, the A110 South Beach Colorway It will be available in two colors, blue or pink.

South Beach Colorway packs are based on the historic body color combination Azure blue o Heather Rose with 18-inch white Serac wheels.

Bleu Azur and Rose Bruyère are two historical colors of the brand, from a time when motorists dared to wear something more than red to vary from grey, black or white.

Alpine A110 South Beach Colorway

But in addition to these colors (also available on the other A110s via the Atelier Alpine which features 20 historic brand colors), the car’s rear pillar flags are now a mix of blue and pink.

Alpine A110 South Beach Colorway interior

Alpine A110 South Beach Colorway

The door inserts are body-color matched, the black leather upholstery has gray stitching, and the floor mats sport body-color trim. The seats and center console leather will be finished with light gray contrast stitching.

Alpine A110 South Beach Colorway, only with the 252 hp engine

Alpine A110 South Beach Colorway

Only the base Alpine A110 with its 1.8-liter turbo engine with 252 hp, you can equip this pack. The A110 South Beach Colorway can now be booked, exclusively through Alpine’s mobile app, via a €1,000 deposit. But I do not know will be marketed until the summer of 2022.

Alpine will look for a good sporting result in the United States. After the first four races of the 2022 season, the team sits sixth in the manufacturers’ standings.

And it is that the fact that the Alpine A110 makes its American debut several years after its introduction does not mean that the A110 will be sold across the Atlantic. On the one hand, the A110 was designed for Europe and Asia-Australia from the beginning, and on the other hand, Alpine lacks a commercial network and brand image in the United States.

That said, it could be the first timid step towards a future arrival of Alpine in the United States once its range is fully electric, which will have a R5 Alpine electrica developed berlineta with Lotus and an SUV.

Alpine A110 South Beach Colorway

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