10 nuggets not to be missed this Friday morning

The French Days at Cdiscount, AliExpress, Fnac or Amazon are in full swing this Friday. Several XXL offers are still available today, here is our list of the best deals.

The 2022 edition of these French Days is in its third day. This Friday, Cdiscount, Fnac, Amazon and many others are stepping up their efforts by unveiling tons of ever more generous offers. Many merchants are busy for this special operation on the eve of the weekend. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, they will hardly move.

Thousands of good deals are available for the French Days at Cdiscount and others, so much so that it can be difficult to find your way around. To save you time, we’ve prepared a list of the best deals available this Friday. The majority of discounts are flash offers, they are bound to leave in a few hours.

Initially, the French Days were imagined by merchants like Cdiscount and Boulanger to create an alternative to Black Friday with only French actors. Over the years, the event has become more and more popular thanks to its premium image, so much so that other (foreign) merchants have joined it. This is the case of heavyweights Amazon and AliExpress. It has become an annual rendezvous for the French public.

This edition of the French Days runs from Wednesday May 4 to Monday May 9, after which all the references concerned will return to their initial price. During this period, Cdiscount, AliExpress, Fnac and Boulanger display offers for products that are as popular as they are high-end. Moreover, this event is so popular because it is not a destocking period like the sales, but a premium operation.

The best deals of these French Days

The French Days 2022 are an excellent opportunity to save money on all product categories. Although this operation takes place twice a year, the edition attracts many more people in May than in September. Why ? Because it takes place before summer and this spring period is rather calm in terms of discounts. It is for this reason that Cdiscount, Fnac, Boulanger or even Carrefour and Leclerc are fully involved in this operation.

Since the launch of these French Days, many stockouts have already occurred at Cdiscount and its counterparts. This Friday is an important day to do business, because many references are likely to disappear this evening while the public will take advantage of the weekend to find the lowest prices. It is a strategic day to arrive at merchants while the best offers are still valid.

Moreover, Cdiscount stands out as the leader of these French Days. As a French merchant, he has claimed thousands of offers since the start of this summer edition. Thus, we can count on him to target even the big brands like Apple, Bose or Dyson. The Dyson V10 suction is one of the operation’s bestsellers with a low price that makes the premium device much more accessible. For its part, the MacBook Air and the Galaxy S21 FE are not to be outdone with an excellent offer which brings their prices down considerably.

Discover the French Days

The French Days are also happening at AliExpress this year. The world’s leading merchant is well prepared to carry out this operation. As usual, he relies on the most popular brands like Xiaomi. Among its best-sellers at low prices, we find the famous Mi Pad 5 tablet which competes with Apple’s iPad Pro for a much more advantageous price or the Xiaomi mini electric air pump, an essential accessory for the summer. In addition to Xiaomi, it is also betting on Roborock, Tineco and even Apple with its AirPods Pro.

Like every year, the French Days are a golden opportunity to choose a new device at a really reduced price. Smartphone, computer, tablet, headphones, earphones, vacuum cleaner… Many references are honored in this category. There is something for all budgets and all prices, the only rule is to arrive on time to be able to find the best nuggets of this edition. Several popular offers are already out of stock and there will be no restocking until the end of the operation.

Order online during the French Days

The French Days are an operation during which you have to be quick. And for good reason, most offers are flash sales that focus on popular and premium references, as evidenced by the many discounts on Apple products at Cdiscount. In this sense, the best offers can go anywhere – and that is what is likely to happen this Friday.

During the French Days, Cdiscount, AliExpress, Fnac and all other merchants offer a withdrawal period. Legally, this 14-day period allows you to make a free return which leads to a refund of the product – it is mandatory in France. On the Amazon site, it even goes up to 30 days for the entire catalog, which gives you plenty of time to change your mind.

Whether it’s the French Days or not, Cdiscount and other online merchants allow you to place orders online without taking any risk thanks to this return period, all the more reason to take advantage of the operation to do great business before the beginning of summer. Remember that most offers will certainly end before the weekend, now is the time to take advantage.

To see the French Days offers, it’s here:

Discover the French Days

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