After Doctor Strange, Sam Raimi wants to tackle the works of Stephen King

After directing Marvel’s New Adventures of Doctor Strange, Sam Raimi doesn’t want to be away from a camera for too long.

After being discreet for several years, since The fantastic world of Oz in 2013, Sam Raimi will not stay in the shadows for very long. The director intends to return behind the camera very soon, perhaps with a fourth installment of his Spider-Man saga.

If nothing has been announced by Sony Pictures, the filmmaker confided recently don’t be against the idea of ​​exploring the destiny of Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker in more detail. He nevertheless has a few conditions, that the main interested party be in favor and have a good story to tell. These discussions, if ever they were to take place, will no doubt take some time.

Sam Raimi therefore goes in search of a new feature film to direct. Could he find it in horror literature? During an interview with CinemaBlend, Raimi confided in his desire to make a feature film adapted from the novels of Stephen King. He will nevertheless have to find the perfect plot, the director not wanting to confront works that have already been adapted several times.

The imagination of Stephen King never ceases to inspire Hollywood, the competitors are not numerous.

“Oh, absolutely. I love Shining, but someone already did. I love Carrie, but it had already been done by the time I read it. And then his Danse Macabre collection is brilliant. So many of these stories would have made great movies. Rob Reiner did a big one that I wanted to do too. There are a lot of King stories I wish I could get involved in. Maybe in the future we can work together.”

The Raimi style at the service of the master of the thriller

Sam Raimi has made the genre his favorite field. Proof if it were needed that the filmmaker has fun in this register, he has just directed the first horror feature film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all things considered. We therefore imagine him quite well putting his twirling camera at the service of a work inspired by the bibliography of Stephen King.

Nevertheless, it is for the moment only a desire on the part of the director, which may never materialize. It will probably be necessary to wait a little before a new project carried out by him is announced. However, we will closely follow its next announcements.

We can also imagine that if success is there, Marvel will call on him again to Doctor Strange 3 or one film centered on the character of Elizabeth Olsen.

In the meantime, you can see or review Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness At the movie theater. Otherwise, it is on Netflix that you can start watching his Spider-Man trilogy.

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