Another ZigBee novelty: Stella smart light chain with 12 bulbs

This week I have already introduced you to the new products from Müller-Licht Tint, which will also be available from Aldi-Nord and Aldi-Süd in the coming week. Not included, but still new is the smart chain of lights Stella.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the string of lights has twelve bulbs, but can be expanded to a total of 24 bulbs with the six-bulb extension packs. The scope of delivery of the starter set includes a three meter long connection cable, in which the ZigBee controller is also installed.

Conversely, this means that all bulbs of the Stella light chain are controlled as one lamp in the Hue app and therefore always display the same color. However, Müller-Licht Tint writes in the description: “Different colors and light effects can be set, now up to nine preset light scenes are also available.” I could imagine that multicolored scenes can also be activated using the switch on the controller. At least it looks like it on a product photo.

Each bulb has a hook for hanging and is 78 centimeters apart. The brightness is given as 50 lumens, I sincerely hope that this means the brightness per bulb. In addition to 16 million colors, white tones from 1,800 to 6,500 Kelvin can also be displayed.

The starter set currently costs directly from the manufacturer 96.75 instead of 129 eurosyou can get an extension with six bulbs for 44.96 instead of 59.95 euros. In any case, I find the Müller-Licht Tint Stella very interesting, it would fit perfectly in my garden and is the first colored ZigBee light chain of its kind that I know of. It’s a shame that Philips Hue doesn’t have something like that, at best even with gradient function…

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