The Sagunto battery factory in figures, or the project that could mark the future of the automobile industry in Spain

Volkswagen Group has already presented its project for the battery gigafactory of Sagunto (Valencia), which construction will start next year to start operating no later than 2026, with the SEAT seal and under the umbrella brand Power Co. For this, the planned investment is three billion euros (PERTE aid through).

This is great news for the sector, because in addition to the fact that the plant is expected to create more than 3,000 jobs direct in stages and up to 12,000 indirectly in the next eight years, will supply batteries to SEAT factories in Martorell and Volkswagen factories in Pamplona.

Also the Ford factory in Almussafes -Valencia- would benefit if the mark of the oval finally makes effective the award of two electric cars for their manufacture from 2025 next June, instead of choosing the option of the factory in Saarlorius (Germany).

The Sagunto gigafactory in figures


The future gigafactory of batteries for electric vehicles of the Volkswagen Group, which will finally be located in Valencia unseating the proposals of Extremadura, Catalonia and Aragonis going to move some stratospheric figures, and not only because of the necessary investment of more than 3,000 million euros for its construction and start-up.

The plant will be the first factory of this type of the German multinational in Spain and the third of six planned by the VAG Group for Europe. You can generate up to 40 GWh per year and will occupy an area of ​​200 hectares.

As for the energy that will feed the battery gigafactory, between 20% and 30% will come from a new solar plantthat Iberdrola is going to install nearby, with an initial area of ​​240 hectares (it could be expanded to 400) and a cost close to 500 million euros.

Factories Vw I

Volkswagen Group Battery Gigafactories for Spain

The project is not only going to change the map or the economy of the Valencian city in the coming years, but it also seeks to take a big step forward in terms of electrification for the automotive industry in Spain.

In this sense, in the official act of the presentation of the project, the president of the Volkswagen Group, Herbert Diess, has said that the multinational and its partners “are prepared to carry out the largest investment in the industrial history of Spain”.

And it is that in total the Volkswagen Group foresees the mobilization of 10,000 million euros together with its partners, 62 companies (more than 60% SMEs) with which it has allied itself in the project called “Future: Fast Forward” to present its candidacy last week to the PERTE-Vec (Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation of the Electric and Connected Vehicle).

According to the President of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, at the presentation of the Project, it will go “far beyond the automotive industry”, since “it will also involve university research institutes, for example, so that they can advance in their energy storage research”.

The commitment of the Volkswagen Group and its partners, with a public-private investment for the Sagunto factory and waiting to receive or not help from Europecould mark the way forward for the rest of the manufacturers in full transition towards their electrification.

In the next two weeks, and until May 17 is the deadline for submitting PERTE projects, more projects may come in the future hand in hand with other powerful manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz o Fordbut it is not known at the moment if they will be as ambitious as those of the Volkswagen Group.

In this sense, the greatest unknowns point to what will two giants like the Stellantis Group and Renault do, two of the most powerful vehicle manufacturers in our country in terms of production (and therefore in terms of jobs in the industry) today.

That in Spain battery factories for electric cars are installed in the long run translates not only into more jobs in a sector touched and wounded since the pandemicbut could bring about lower costs for batteries and therefore less margin needed to produce electric vehicles and a more adjusted final price for the buyer.

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