Apple iPhone 11 Pro in the re-store on eBay: With this offer you save several hundred euros


The iPhone 11 Pro is for sale on eBay. The new Apple cell phone is much cheaper than new.

The iPhone 11 Pro is from 2019, but the top model from that time still has enough power for everyday use. in the Re-Store von eBay you can secure the high-end mobile phone of the time as a new used product at a bargain price – 300 euros cheaper than a new model from other dealers.

You get a one-year warranty and you have a one-month right of withdrawal if you are not satisfied.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro | 64 Gigabyte

Apple iPhone 11 Pro



at eBay


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  • 6.5 inch display

  • Triple-Camera

  • 64GB storage

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro with 64 gigabytes of memory is currently available on eBay as a certified refurbished device for 449 euros. You can choose from the colors silver, gold, space gray and night green. A good price, the currently best offer for a new model is 910 euros.


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offer in detail

That iPhone 11 Pro is Apple’s top model from 2019. The cell phone still has a lot of performance and a very good camera. In addition, it will be provided with updates for many years to come. The difference to iPhone 12 Pro is rather low. In addition to a little more performance and an even better camera, the differences are negligible.

If you consider that the mobile phone came on the market for well over 1,000 euros, the eBay offer is really good. For less than 500 euros you get a top smartphone at a fair price. The dealer states the condition as optically new and technically flawless.

Current offers on eBay

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With eBay Plus the online marketplace offers its own loyalty program. With the paid service you get, among other things, free premium shipping and exclusive offers. Questions regarding Shipping costs on eBayto the B-Ware-Center such as financing options we answer you in the linked articles.

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