Dream caravan for digital nomads: Finest Apple hardware on a walnut desk


The term “caravan” would be inappropriate for this tiny house from Living Vehicle. The camping world has never seen so much space, so much high-tech in a compact space. Apple fans get their money’s worth.

The finest Apple hardware can be found under the foldable double bed.

The finest Apple hardware can be found under the foldable double bed. (Source: Screenshot YouTube)

  • Thanks to the “Creative Studio Package”, the self-sufficient caravan from Living Vehicle is full of Apple hardware.
  • If you fold up the bed, you will discover, among other things, two Apple Pro XDR displays.
  • The company is targeting creative people who want or need to work away from civilization.

Fat solar system on the roof, a dedicated filling station for electric cars and a fold-out veranda – if you haven’t seen the “caravan” from Living Vehicle, he should make up for it quickly at this point. We can introduce better getaway vehicles, When the world goes down. But hardly any Tiny house solution offers so many successful details that we are amazed again and again.

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With the Creative Studio Package, the company has now presented a new option that should make the hearts of all Apple fans and media professionals beat faster.

Mars Space X Air

picture series

These are real getaway vehicles

These are real getaway vehicles

Folding the comfortable double bed against the wall reveals a 203 centimeter long desk with fine walnut wood inlays. Two 32-inch Apple Pro Display XDR screens with 6K resolution are firmly connected to it. A MacBook Pro with a 16-inch screen and M1 processor serves as the player. The option on a cheaper studio display exists as well.

A look at the available accessories is not bad either. Apple’s Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad – both wireless – take input. One 4K-Webcam von Logitech enables video conferencing. Studio loudspeakers from Genelec provide the right sound.

Presentation: Living Vehicle caravan 2021

So that all the beautiful technology can be supplied with electricity without any gaps, a solar system provides the juice. This has a peak output of up to 3,500 watts. Depending on the equipment, the capacity of the lithium-ion battery is between 14.4 and 58 kilowatt hours. If that’s not enough, you can still switch on a mobile wind turbine.

price and availability

Living Vehicle demands 22,640 euros – for the Creative Studio package, not for the entire caravan, mind you. At least 300,000 US dollars are due for the latter. We present you Living Vehicle in detail at this point. If you are looking for more interested in the new camping features of the season, you can find them in the linked article. Lovely We collect tiny houses for you here.

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