The Ferrari SP48 Unica is a wind-sculpted one-off based on an F8 Tributo

Ferrari today unveiled its new one-off, the Ferrari SP48 Unique. Unveiled six months after the previous one-off, the Ferrari BR20. The SP48 Unica has been designed by Flavio Manzoni and is based on a Ferrari F8 Tributo. This is the latest creation from the Special Projects department for a very special client.

As with all the brand’s one-offs, the SP48 Unica is a unique model designed for a regular customer of the brand. Based on the wishes of the owner, who is actively involved in the development together with designers from the Centro Stile and engineers at the factory Maranello, Ferrari produces a single unit of that car. The customer is sure that there is no other model like it in the world.

The SP48 Unica maintains the taut lines and aggressive look of the F8 Tributo, but its physiognomy has absolutely nothing to do with it. The headlights, for example, are reminiscent of the brand’s latest creations, such as the Ferrari Roma or more recently the Daytona SP3.

The new headlights are not the only modification made to the front. At Ferrari they redesigned the hood and bumper: the hood now has two air extractors instead of one.

Heart of Ferrari F8 Tribute

Ferrari SP48 Unique

The SP48 Unica also stands out for the absence of a rear window. The driver has no rear vision and the rest of us mortals cannot see the V8 3.9-liter twin-turbo 720 hp.

In an overhead view, we see how the central section of the roof flows smoothly into a pair of air intakes located at the rear of the Unica, which also create the shape of the rear spoiler.

Ferrari SP48 Unique

Another of the most remarkable elements of the SP48 are the air intakes. Each air intake has a deep grill whose orientation is optimized in each section to maximize airflow.

But for Ferrari, the most important thing is that they have intensively used new “parametric-procedural modeling techniques and the 3D prototyping (via additive manufacturing)” in order to “completely redesign the shape of the grille and the engine air intakes.”

Ferrari SP48 Unique

This production process is what has made possible the realization of the front bumper with lower air intakes that seem to merge into the side wings.

The rear, for its part, is dominated by the two exhaust tailpipes and a thin strip that occupies the entire width of the car and houses the rear lights.

The end result is a spectacular car that appears to have been cast from a single block of metal. Is a design in which everything flowsboth the air and the lines of the car.

Ferrari SP48 Unique

As for the interior, of which there are no photos available, Ferrari assures that it is the same as that of the F8 Tributo, with black Alcantara upholstery for the seats and in most of the linings, with orange fabric elements that remind the color Exterior.

At Ferrari they maintain the anonymity of the client who has commissioned this work of art. According to FerrariChatIn principle, the car will go to the United States.

Ferrari SP48 Unique

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