These are the first official sketches of the future electric CUPRA, Volkswagen and Skoda that will be manufactured in Spain

Volkswagen, Skoda and Cupra each prepare a electric car urban by 2025 and the three models are will be manufactured in Spain. This was announced in Sagunto by Herbert Diess, the CEO of the Volkswagen group, confirming his investment plan in Spain.

The group Volkswagen will invest 10,000 million euros to manufacture electric cars and batteries in Spain. According to his CEO, Herbert Diess, it is about 3,000 million euros more than what had been previously committed.

“We are going to electrify the second largest car producer in Europe (Spain) with a new battery gigafactory and the production of electric cars at two plants,” Diess said.

And taking advantage of the announcement of this colossal investment, the Volkswagen group unveiled a few sketches of these three zero-emission urban models that will be manufactured in Spain.

One platform, three electric cars

Plataforma MEB Entry

The most striking illustration is that of the small future volkswagen electric, which could be called ID.2. This confirms the radical change in its design with respect to the concept car ID.Life presented at the 2021 Munich Motor Show. The somewhat crude-looking “square” silhouette has been abandoned in favor of a design more in keeping with the rest of the ID range. In the end, it could be a luck of Volkswagen ID.3 in miniature.

Although the front does not seem to break the family image of the ID models, there are slight differences (which Volkswagen wants us to see). The somewhat widened rear wings and the frames of the rear side windows break with the aesthetics of the gama ID actual.

Volkswagen ID.2

They are elements that could be characteristic of cars based on the new architecture that these cars will use. Volkswagen reiterates that the car is will commercialize in 2025 at a starting price of between 20,000 and 25,000 euros.

The kind of CUPRAmeanwhile, will be sportier, just as the concept car foreshadowed. UrbanRebel. Obviously, the final design will be much more restrained and we will not see the front spoiler, the side skirts or the size XXL roof spoiler. In addition, everything indicates that it will be a five-door and not three as in the prototype.

urban electric cupra sketch

From what they let us see in this sketch, the future Urban Rebel (this will not be its name, but at the moment it has no other) will have CUPRA identity traits, such as the concave tailgate at its base, in the style of the Formentor and of Tavascan.

As for the Skodaappears to have inherited the Volkswagen ID.Life design, reminiscent of the concept Fiat Centoventi, one of his future rivals. Compared to the ID.Life, the steeply raked windscreen and the small roof spoiler add a touch of sportiness. Skoda has named its new design language Modern Solid.

Electric Skoda MEB entry

From a technical point of view, all three models will have a common platform. It is a modified version of the MEB modular platform, the MEB Entry. The main difference between the two is in the position of the engines. While in the MEB the engines are mounted on the rear axle, in the MEB Entry the engine will go on the front axle.

The battery will be installed, as always, under the floor. The specifications of the series models (battery capacity, battery type, power, etc.) are not yet known. For the ID.Life, Volkswagen had announced a capacity of 57 kWh for your battery and one WLTP autonomy of 400 km with a 234 hp (172 kW) engine, but the series version should be somewhat less powerful.

The production will be divided between the factory SEAT de Martorell and that of Volkswagen in Landaben. A priori, Landaben will produce the Volkswagen version, while Martorell will manufacture the CUPRA and Skoda versions.

That finally local factories are awarded new models, in itself is good news for employment. However, the fact that the Volkswagen group continues to give priority to CUPRA over SEAT only feeds the (increasingly insistent) rumors that in the end SEAT will disappear as a brandleaving CUPRA as the only Spanish brand in the group.

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