tricycle, boat and camper all in one

After several years of development, the Latvian design studio Zeltini just submitted ‘Z-triton 2.0’: an electric vehicle that is a mixture of the most unusual between a tricycle, a kind of individual “camper” and a boat, which offers total freedom both to travel by land and by water.

promise a range of 50 km operating as a tricycle and another 20 km as a boat, although it has integrated solar panels that help extend the range. What if the battery dies in the middle of nowhere and you can’t plug it in? The ‘Z-triton 2.0’ You can continue walking with ‘human assistance’, that is, by pedaling or rowing, as appropriate.

This awesomeness has a starting price estimated at 14,500 euros (not including taxes), depending on the specifications chosen.

The ultimate mobility solution for the most independent

The creative mind behind this highly original vehicle is German Aigars Lauzisdesigner, founder and CEO of the Zeltini company, with extensive experience behind him in large-scale projects.

Lauzis says that the idea of ​​’Z-triton 2.0′ arose some years ago, while he was carrying out a great bike trip who had decided to undertake solo from london to tokyo and in which he ended up traveling more than 30,000 km in total.

And it is that throughout a journey so many unforgettable experiences and he enjoyed traveling on his own, but he also ran into some limitations.


Among them, “the lack of autonomy to cross rivers or lakes, little space -and uncomfortable- to carry the necessary luggage” and the added tedium that it meant continually pitching and dismantling your tent to be able to rest when he could not opt ​​for another type of accommodation.

The inspiration for ‘Z-triton 2.0’ it came to him while he was staying on a ship in Amsterdam and accompanied him throughout his journey. “First I drew a larger version, but thinking about the tricycles that proliferate in the streets of Shanghai, what would end up being the first prototype, made of foam, emerged,” explained Lauzis In an interview.


The first prototype was ready in 2020and finally, two years after intense development and endless testing, the production version is ready.

It has been almost completely redesigned, including new materials such as organic fiberglass, polyester made from recycled PET bottles and various large format 3D printed parts with bioplastics. Also, now implement lithium ion batteries more technology, but the vehicle remains true to the original concept and philosophy.


In his tricycle facet, he acts like any e-bike would. Thus, the user is the one who makes the greatest effort, but has the support of a 1,000 W electric motor that limits the effort and, above all, it helps when overcoming slopes and unevenness. It features an adjustable seat, rear suspension and hydraulic disc brakes to make rides as comfortable as possible.

If instead of pedaling we want to navigate, the ‘Z-triton 2.0’ transforms into a boat in just five minutesand in a very practical and simple way: the wheels fold to fit into the holes created for this purpose, and at the ends of the vehicle two inflatable wheels are placedwhich provide extra buoyancy.

In this case, the electric motor equipped with a propeller and 1,150 W it is integrated into the bodywork and can be raised and lowered from the cab itself. It is handled with a removable ‘N-shaped’ steering wheel and it has additional controls that increase maneuverability when it comes to being able to move the boat laterally, for example.

The driver has at hand a very simple and practical instrument panel which includes from the lights (and their intensity) to the horn or the screens that show from the navigation data to the battery status.


In its facet of ‘camper’ this peculiar amphibious vehicle allows two adults (and depending on the size of both) can sleep inside, although it is true that they could be crowded and that the first impression is that it is an ideal solution for the rest of a single adult.

To make travel more comfortable, the Z-Triton 2.0 debuts novelties in the form of optional equipment such as a pull-out table to eat, a bluetooth radio, GPS, or several holes for luggage.


Regarding the pot that can be seen in the images, Zeltini says that “the Z-triton 2.0 allows users to take with you small trees that can be planted along the way and thus reforest our beloved planet”.

Thus, it could be said that this vehicle, created to be the most sustainable camper solution on the market, has a positive CO₂ footprint.

In addition to the version that is ready for sale, which starts from the 14.500 euros (without taxation) and can now be reserved for 100 euros, the company also is developing a kit that will be a simplified version of the ‘Z-Triton 2.0′.

This will be modular, more affordable and easier to ship from the same vehicle concept and has a grant from Norway for its development. The first units of both will reach the European market this year, according to Zeltini.

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