we know when season 5 comes out (and it’s earlier than expected)!

Netflix is ​​ahead of schedule. Less than a year after the release of season 4, Cobra Kai is already returning to our screens.

We didn’t have to wait too long. While some series play with our nerves, making us wait several years before returning to our screens (hello Stranger Things), Cobra Kai is rather in a hurry to impress us with its new burst of episodes. On YouTube, Netflix announces that the start of the school year will be strong on its platform. The three rival dojos will resume service on September 9.

The story should pick up where we left off, after Tory Nichols was crowned champion at the All Valley Tournament. But this victory is not quite a victory since the young girl heard Terry Silver admit that he had cheated.

Johnny and Daniel have understood that unity is strength. The two Nemesis will have to join forces to fight Terry Silver again who intends to franchise his successful dojo. Fortunately, they can count on a new ally to carry out their mission. After a brief appearance in Season 3, Chozen seems to have come a long way to help his former adversary.

Another slamming guest

Follows a badass response as we like them, no doubt, we are at home. As a reminder, it is Yuji Okumoto who plays the character of Chozen. Ralph Macchio, Billy Zabka and Thomas Ian Griffith appear as Daniel LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence and Terry Silver respectively.

On the other hand, no sign of Martin Kove alias John Kreese. It must be said that his character has been the victim of a sadistic plot, which he may well have trouble recovering from. For his part, Miguel fled to Mexico to find his father. Johnny and Bobby are obviously going to go looking for him.

A last fight before the carpet?

It’s almost the end for Cobra Kai ? After four seasons generally rather popular with fans, Netflix will have to find the perfect moment to conclude the adventures of Johnny and Daniel. To avoid the season too many syndrome, the creators are already anticipating this finale. Nevertheless, season 5 should not be the last. Last year, Josh Heald told ScreenRant still have many ideas to explore.

“We still have stuff after Season 5. We’re not writing the end of the show with Season 5. We can’t believe we’ve filmed two seasons this year. It’s crazy to believe how far ahead of the story we are compared to what audiences have seen so far. Season 5 is another huge season with lots of new flavors and lots of things you haven’t seen yet. And that’s not the end.”

In any case, meet next september 9 on Netflix to discover season 5 of Cobra Kai.

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