10 XL offers to grab urgently this Sunday

The French Days at Cdiscount, AliExpress or Fnac are almost over. This Sunday is one of the last opportunities to find nuggets, here is our selection.

It’s officially the home stretch for the French Days 2022 at Cdiscount, AliExpress, Amazon and Fnac. If this edition ends tomorrow at midnight, the offers may disappear this Sunday. This is the last chance to do business after which it will be necessary to wait several months to hope to find such advantageous prices.

To allow you to take advantage of the French Days, we have designed a selection of the best offers still in progress this Sunday. Between stockouts and the latest nuggets, it can be difficult to navigate. Our list is updated so that you can discover the deals that are still active at Cdiscount and its counterparts.

This year, the French Days take place from Wednesday May 4 to May 9. In short, the end of the operation is very soon. If many stockouts have already occurred, the last offers should disappear by this Sunday evening. And for good reason, the public will take the time to look for the best deals this Sunday, so that there is a risk of nothing being left tomorrow. Merchants no longer plan to restock.

If the French Days are very popular, it is because it is a premium event. Indeed, it is not a simple destocking during which online merchants are content to empty their stock. Basically, Cdiscount and other French merchants teamed up to compete with Black Friday, so the offers had to match the deal. Over the years, the operation has grown in popularity while maintaining this same positioning, which makes it a much better opportunity than the sales to do business.

What are the offers for these French Days?

Basically, the French Days brought together six online merchants in France. Since then, we find the heavyweights of e-commerce such as Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty or even Boulanger. At the same time, other players from abroad are responding with offers – this is the case with Amazon and AliExpress for example. In the end, this period results in thousands of discounts on very popular items.

During these French Days, Cdiscount is particularly active, it is certainly positioned as the number 1 online merchant of this edition. Since day one, it has displayed really generous discounts without sparing the big brands. Apple, Bose, Dyson or Samsung are part of the lot this year. In addition to immediate reductions, it also offers additional codes that apply from a certain amount, the code varies depending on whether or not you belong to the Cdiscount à Volonté (CDAV) program. In any case, you are still entitled to nuggets at a bargain price such as the Bose QC 35 II headphones or the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE.

For its part, AliExpress is also fully into the French Days. Smartphone, tablet, secondary screen, vacuum cleaner… There is something for everyone and for all budgets. To seduce the public, he also does not hesitate to target the most popular brands such as Xiaomi and its Pad 5 tablet or Roborock and its new Dyad vacuum cleaner. Like its counterpart, it highlights codes that combine with offers for even greater savings.

Discover the French Days

If stockouts have already taken place en masse since the start of the French Days in version 2022, you still have the possibility of finding some nuggets at Cdiscount, AliExpress, Amazon, Fnac or Boulanger. This year, even Carrefour and Leclerc are on board with top-notch tech offers.

Do the French Days with complete peace of mind

The French Days are a special operation open to everyone, just like the sales or Black Friday. Unlike Prime Day at Amazon, you don’t need to be a program member to get the best prices. On the other hand, it can still give you access to some advantages, such as next day delivery if you are a Cdiscount à Volont customer.

In any case, the French Days benefit from the same withdrawal period as the rest of the year. With all online merchants, this minimum period of 14 days is mandatory in France – it therefore applies to Cdiscount, AliExpress, Fnac and all the others. Amazon differentiates itself with a 30-day period which gives more flexibility to test the product. In any case, it still gives you time to change your mind.

Effective during the French Days, the withdrawal period allows you to return an item during this period – a completely free return. Thereafter, you benefit from a full refund on the product, it is a protection which can be very useful if you went a little quickly with the enthusiasm aroused by the special operation. In short, you place your order in complete peace of mind with this additional safety net.

We must remember that the French Days are about to end, this Sunday is the penultimate day but also certainly the last to take advantage of the last nuggets before stockouts and the return to rising prices. Remember to consult our selection to save time and discover the best offers at Cdiscount and others. The next edition of the operation will take place at the end of September, which means that the summer will be over.

To see the French Days offers, it’s here:

Discover the French Days

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