Hue week recap: Smart light for the garden on the way

It will probably be a while before the upcoming innovations from Philips Hue are presented. In recent years it has always been in June. At the moment, however, we can be happy about some third-party providers who have new ZigBee accessories at the start.

At the forefront is Müller-Licht Tint. The brand, which we mainly know from the offers at Aldi, not only has new bright garden spots in its portfolio, but also a smart chain of lights. There are also new outdoor lights that are powered by solar energy.

A few weeks ago, Innr introduced its new outdoor products. There are also flares and improved outdoor light strips. I have already given the new products to my neighbors, we will hopefully do the installation in the next week – I will of course collect the impressions for you.

News from and the building block blog

Among other things, we have a cheap one for you on TV presented by MediaMarkt, but which is equipped with exciting technology: Fire TV, AirPlay and HomeKit are on board. In the building block blog we have two highlights for you: One fire station from 1990 and a Contest with three Speed ​​Champions models.

All Hue news of the week at a glance

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