Pimp My Ride! This curiosity is the Mercedes WILL.I.AMG, a cross between the Mercedes AMG GT 4-Door and the Mercedes G-Class designed by

After a preview in which some aspects of the car are located, finally Mercedes-AMG unveiled a new concept car designed in collaboration with musical artist and occasional car designer The car, cleverly named WILL.I.AMGis an amalgamation of different emblematic models of the brand.

The Will.I.AMG was designed as part of a project called “The Flip”, which aims to help young people access new technology-related professions. For its manufacture, Mercedes-Benz and the musician have turned to the famous Californian company West Coast Customs, those of famous and disappeared program Pimp my Ride.

The concept car starts from the base of a Mercedes-AMG GT 4 doors. The shape of the rear and the rear lights as well as the shape of the C-pillars reveal the car that has served as the basis. Instead, the rest of the car has little to do with the original model.

The front is that of a Mercedes G-Class. It is original, yes, but the integration of that square-shaped nose when the rest of the car is all fluidity is not an example of harmony. Even more striking are the doors. The WILL.I.AMG has two long suicide doors (with opposing opening) that have required the ablation of the B-pillars (central) of the car.

The wheels, which are available on the GT 4-Door, are gorgeous five-spoke monoblocs with yellow center caps.


In addition to the G-Class, Mercedes claims that elements of the legendary SLS AMG and of McLaren SLR to formulate the design of the WILL.I.AMG. The hood vents are a nod to the SLS while the extractors, behind the front wheel arches, are a nod to the SLR.

The panoramic glass roof has a separation reminiscent of a Pontiac TransAm targa roof and the rear spoiler has winglets.

For a good cause


As for the Mercedes logo, it has been modified to look like a bear’s face. It’s actually the logo for a limited-edition clothing line called “Bear Witness“, whose benefits will go so that “students from disadvantaged communities have access to education in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics to help them equip themselves with the necessary skills to carry out future-oriented jobs and invent new technologies”, according to Mercedes explains.


Mercedes hasn’t revealed which engine the WILL.I.AMG uses, but if we had to guess, it’s probably still running the engine the AMG GT 4-Door came with, either the GT43’s inline-six or the GT63’s twin-turbo V8. . Although basically it doesn’t matter, the structural integrity of the car should no longer be what it was and whether it’s 347 CV or 639 CV, it must be too many for a car that is still a concept car, designed to express a design and not to be driven.

The WILL.I.AMG made its debut this weekend at the Miami Grand Prix. There, Mercedes will show the first part of a six-part documentary called “DRIVE”, detailing how this collaboration came about and how the car was built.


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