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If you are looking to reduce the cost of your mobile plan, here is the best offer of the moment. And at the same time, the best offer of the last year.

The MVNO Prixtel has established itself as a key player in the world of telecoms for almost a decade. It is one of the few operators that really places itself on the side of the customers. It offers them a range of aggressive mobile plans with flexibility. Moreover, he never tries to push them towards an out-of-package to further inflate their bill.

For the French Days, Prixtel has decided to put all the competition in the wind. Its Le Petit mobile plan, which meets the needs of 99% of French people, comes at an ultra-attractive price. As it happens, it includes all unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 50 GB for only 4.99 euros per month. For comparison, Orange serves you 70 GB for 14.99 euros per month. At the operator RED by SFR, 70 GB are priced at 13 euros.

I take advantage of the offer

With galloping inflation and operators constantly increasing the price of subscriptions for their existing customers, it is important to change your mobile plan regularly. This allows you to make great savings on an easily interchangeable service. In a few minutes, you can switch from one operator to another (with your RIO number). By registering with the Prixtel operator, you can terminate your current contract at the same time.

In the last year, the MVNO has never been so aggressive. In general, when he displayed a special offer on this mobile plan, you were entitled between 10 and 40 GB per month for this rate. Here, therefore, you have a 50 GB envelope for maximum comfort. On average, the French use around 10 to 20 GB of data per month, so you are wide.

A subtlety for this mobile plan

For all the subscriptions in its range, Prixtel applies a small subtlety – which plays in the favor of the customer. Indeed, it offers a system with progressive data levels (and tariffs which are just as progressive) to offer flexibility to customers. If the latter have a specific need for additional data, they can take advantage of it without being murdered by the out-of-bundle.

For example, in the case of the Le petit mobile plan detailed above, you have two levels at 60 and 70 GB which are priced respectively at 7.99 and 9.99 euros per month. If you are on vacation for example, and your consumption explodes, you can have a 70 GB envelope for 9.99 euros. The following month, if you fall below the 50 GB mark, the price of 4.99 euros is applied.

Au final, this 3-in-1 package is ultra attractive. Indeed, 70 GB for 9.99 euros per month is still excellent. Prixtel saves you the extra package for sometimes each MB of data is charged several euros. With this mobile plan, you have real flexibility and nothing to worry about. We also remind you that this subscription is non-binding.

To discover this package, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

Prixtel is on the customer side

With Prixtel, everything is simple and transparent. The operator, which relies on the SFR network, makes it possible to have mobile plans that are easy to subscribe to (and to cancel), at attractive rates and with no unpleasant surprises. Moreover, the current offer will only allow you to have this reduced rate during the first year. Beyond that, prices will increase as announced on the website.

The MVNO is also the only one that can claim to be carbon neutral: it offsets all the CO2 emissions of its customers thanks to a reliable program and partners. If you are looking to minimize your carbon footprint, it is the only telecom operator in France to take such an initiative for the climate. In the current context, it is widely appreciated and it will upset some people.

For the 1% of French people who need more mobile data, Prixtel has other suitable formulas. Le Grand and Le Géant are two packages that follow the same principle (with levels) but which provide a larger data envelope. The first starts at 6.99 euros per month (for 100 GB) and the second at 9.99 euros (for 140 GB). If you have a higher than normal need, this is a very good choice.

Whatever mobile plan from the range you choose, Prixtel has made them much more attractive for these French Days. For example, the Le grand package with 100 GB for 6.99 euros is madness. We remind you once again that Orange charges the 70 GB for 14.99 euros per month. Clearly, Prixtel is around 3 times cheaper than the competition this weekend, and that won’t go unnoticed.

To discover this French Days offer, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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