Apple files patent preventing drunk driver from driving

How to prevent a motorist from driving drunk? Technology can help prevent drink-driving, Apple is on to it!

Today, nothing prevents a person from driving when they exceed the regulatory blood alcohol level. Here too, technology is able to provide an answer to this serious road safety problem which causes so many deaths and injuries each year. Apple has worked on the subject, which is revealed through a patent.

A breathalyzer in the iPhone

Filing for a patent does not mean that the idea protected therein will ever come out. Nevertheless, the one described by Apple has the advantage of being integrated into an already existing technology, ie Car Keys. This function, called “Car Keys” in French, adds a digital version of the vehicle key to the Maps application of the iPhone or Apple Watch.

Simply approach the smartphone or connected watch to the car door for it to open automatically, thanks to NFC recognition. It’s extremely practical, and it works even when the iPhone is flat: an emergency reserve in the battery makes it possible to open the door even when the device no longer turns on.

The patent explains that Car Keys can interface with a connected breathalyzer. In other words, the Car Keys function will only work if the user’s blood alcohol level is below the legal threshold. If this is not the case, then he will not be able to open his car! It’s daunting, but everyone’s safety comes at this price. There are already connected breathalyzers at all prices, but Apple explains that the accessory could be integrated into the iPhone itself.

This will not prevent the motorist from using the physical key to his car, of course. But the alert displayed on the iPhone could cause him to think twice before hitting the road.

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