Boston Dynamics made improvements to the Spot robot dog

Since it was created by Boston Dynamics, Spot the robot doghas become the most distinguishable symbol of current robotics thanks to the overcrowding that its presence has had at a commercial and industrial level. It has been implemented in different areas to take advantage of its capabilities, which apparently continue to be optimized.

In that sense, it was announced that Spot is undergoing some updates focused on improving the user experience. One of them has to do with the way in which Spot perceives the world at a chromatic level, that is, from seeing in black and white now in color.

To do this, the five stereo camerassituated around Spot’s body, responsible for mapping the environment in 3D, were adjusted to record this in color, also improving the depth data and the sharpness of the images.

Thanks to this adjustment, remote operators can now say goodbye to those bland black and white images and enjoy full color and high resolution images recorded by Spot.

Another aspect of this robot improved by Boston Dynamics has been the tablet, from which the robot movements and actions. Now, the control system is made based on a tablet Samsung endowed with a 8 inch touch screen.

Also, this control panel has a autonomy of 8 hoursbeing also resistant to falls and external climatic agents, which means that it can be worn in the rain if required.

In addition, with the new tablet, those users who have purchased the Spot Arm may have the opportunity to add a joystick and physical buttons to facilitate the manipulation of the robot’s gripping arm and clamp.

Something for which Spot is recognized is the ability it offers to incorporate payloads, such as sensors, cameras and laser scanners on its back. With this in mind, Boston Dynamics has integrated two new payload options:

A call Spot Core I/O composed of a Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX module aided by an ARM processor endowed with six cores and a dedicated GPU.

The other named I/O that adds 5G connectivity to the robot and with which it can wirelessly send the data it records, as long as it is in an area with access to the AT&T 5G network in the case of the United States.

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