Ford officially presents the E-Tranist Custom, the electric van dedicated to Europe

The current generation of Ford Transit Custom has been the best-selling van in Europe for the past seven years, and for 2023 it evolves to continue to remain the market leader. From the second half of next year, the Ford E-Transit Custom will therefore go into production in Kocaeli, Turkey.

The new Ford E-Transit Custom is therefore the first of four new electric commercial vehicles of the Blue Oval, whose goal is to once again become a point of reference within its segment. The E-Transit Custom therefore puts architecture on the plate full electric that will allow a distance of up to 380 kmand when the battery runs out of energy, it can be recharged quickly using fast charge DC.

The vehicle will then be able to tow up to 2 tons, and will be equipped with the Pro-Power Onboard, a feature that allows you to connect and power external tools, lights or other devices needed in the workplace. Respect to Ford E-Transit 2022 that we saw in Milan last yearthe 2023 model is also updated in terms of aesthetics, showing off new optical groups with a more modern light signature both at the front and at the rear.

In this regard, Hans Schep, General Manager of Ford PRO, stated: “With an expressive and sculptural design, E-Transit Custom is a work vehicle that companies of all sizes will be proud to have as a trusted partner for their business. Featuring rebalanced proportions, a secure stance and full LED lighting, the new model will set a new benchmark of distinctive design in the one-ton segment.a”.

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