Miss Marvel reveals her powers in a new cosmic trailer

Moon Knight has just come to an end but the next Marvel series arrives next month and is revealed in a new trailer.

No respite for Marvel fans since a new series will arrive on Disney + from next June 8. Phase 4 of the MCU connects the projects, and not a month goes by without the arrival of a new chapter of this extended universe.

From late March to early May, the adventures of Moon Knight were in the spotlight on the Disney streaming platform. Then, May 4 marked the arrival in theaters of the long-awaited Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness dont you can find our review here. In June, a new heroine will be honored in the person of Kamala Khan, known as Miss Marvel.

After a first trailer published last March, Disney + offers a new trailer a month before the release of the series to discover in more detail the cosmic powers of Kamala. Enough to wait and imagine the first theories…

A heroine like no other

Kamala Khan’s MCU interpretation is going to be very special since she seems to be completely moving away from the original character. In the comics, Kamala Khan is an inhuman : a human who was granted powers after mutating due to Terrigen Mist. She then obtains a power of metamorphosis allowing her to take on the appearance of someone or to change the size and length of her body in the manner of Reed Richards of the Fantastic 4. As a big fan of Captain Marvel, she baptized herself Miss Marvel and used her new powers to fight evil.

The concern is that the MCU did not integrate the Inhumans into its universe. Where did they rather removed from its barrel. In fact, the series Marvel Agents of Shield which was formerly part of the MCU canon had taken care to introduce the Inhumans who were also an integral part of the main story. After this decanonization, the series Miss Marvel also seems to completely avoid the subject of Inhumans and gives a new origin as well as a new form to the powers of the young heroine.

Strange bracelets with a purple glow then bring her an arsenal of powers resuming her original abilities in addition to new skills that will make Kamala a versatile heroine, and above all closer to her idol Captain Marvel.

The place for young people

After the introduction of America Chavez in the latest Doctor Strange movie, the MCU continues to bring new faces to its superhero roster, with characters getting younger and younger. A breath of fresh air reigns over the MCU as Marvel seems to be moving more and more towards the composition of a group similar to the Young Avengers from comics.

Between Spider-Man, America, and now Kamala, other young heroes could make their arrival and form this new earth defense group, including Wiccan et Speed who had been introduced as Wanda’s children in the series WandaVision. Hulklinganother flagship member of the Young Avengers could also make his arrival very soon with the series She Hulk which should land on the streaming platform this year.

The multiverse brings endless possibilities, and Marvel seems determined to make its new phases a revival of its extended universe with new licenses that will take the place of classic Thor and other Captain America. Kamala Khan will discover her powers from June 8, before finding her on the big screen alongside Captain Marvel in the film The Marvels July 28, 2023.

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