Ocon’s disobedience and a second penalty left Fernando Alonso without a point in Miami by 0.102 seconds

The misfortunes of Fernando Alonso in this 2022 Formula 1 season They’re starting to get supernatural. After finishing ninth in the Miami Grand Prix, the Asturian driver has once again run out of points after receiving a post-race penalty. Alonso was penalized for gaining an advantage by going off the track at Turn 14.

Alonso already dragged another sanction of five seconds, this time for taking Pierre Gasly off the track while trying to overtake him. This second penalty, also of five seconds, has left him out of the points zone by just 0.102 seconds. That is to say, a miserable tenth that denies him the prize again.

Alpine asked Ocon to open a gap with Alonso, but the Frenchman refused

Alonso Alpine Miami F1 2022

Alonso crossed the finish line in eighth position, but accumulated a five-second penalty that initially made him drop to ninth. The Asturian driver had collided with Pierre Gasly when he tried to overtake him, taking the Frenchman off the track and making him lose many positions. An error that was assumed by Alonso.

The penalty is fair. I braked too late, I blocked and went against him. I understand the penalty, my fault. I couldn’t give him back the position because he was already out of the race, so the five seconds are fair”, said Alonso as soon as he got out of the car. What did not come out is what happened on the Alpine radio after that incident.

Alonso Miami F1 2022 2

Alonso was eighth, but with Esteban Ocon in ninth position. Over the radio, the Alpine team asked the Frenchman to slow down to give Alonso a five-second margin and keep eighth place, but ocon disobeyedcrossed the finish line just two seconds away and relegated Alonso to ninth place.

Bad luck, with a safety car that regrouped the race just after Alonso received the penalty, turned his back on the Spaniard again. But the final coup de grace was missing: the FIA ​​decided to investigate Alonso for skipping turn 14 twice. And although in the first they did not find anything irregular, in the second they saw that he gained time.

Alonso Miami F1 2022 3

The result was another five-second penalty for Alonso and the loss of the points by just one tenth. Alexander Albon climbs to ninth position with the Williams while Lance Stroll catches another point with the Aston Martin after crossing the finish line 9.898 seconds behind Fernando Alonso. Amazing.

For one thing or another, Alonso already accumulates four consecutive races without scoring, something that had not happened since he returned from retirement. On top of that, he was left out of Q3 for the first time all season. Alonso’s worst race in all of 2022 that leaves him 22 points behind Esteban Ocon in the general.

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