Philips Hue: Update delivers new scenes again

At least a small update and Philips Hue today. According to the update description, you can look forward to seven new scenes in the Hue light scene gallery, of which only four are actually new. Miami, Cancun and Rio have been available for a few weeks.

The Scenes Blossom, Crocus, Precious and Narcissus have been added to the “Refreshing” area. If you don’t see the new scenes yet, it’s best to restart the Hue app from scratch.

Version 4.17.0 also officially introduces the demo mode, which was already usable with the previous version. Here is the complete changelog in the original:

– Added 7 colorful scenes to the Party Vibes and Refreshing categories in the Hue scene gallery
– Added demo mode in the Explore tab to let you virtually experience (and play with!) the full suite of smart lighting features

On the other hand, there is no news for the update promised until May 1st for the Philips Hue Play light bars.

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