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The Konka A8 massage gun is just over 10,000 forints

At the amateur athlete level, too, care must be taken to have a warm-up and a stretch before and after a workout, because that way we can avoid injuries. If we cut him for a run with tight muscles, it will almost certainly hurt our thighs, knees, or even the calf ligament from a heavier load. If you move it with the massage gun, the chances of this are reduced to a minimum. It can also be useful afterwards when the problem has already occurred, we can still loosen the muscle fibers with it, which is a painful stunt, but it will get better after that.

It’s hardly cheaper to get a Konka massage gun right now, which is why we recommend it, because it’s worth it if it doesn’t work out. It’s used a lot, so it basically makes sense, you just need a little determination, since it’s not a magic wand either. The manufacturer of the gadget, a Konkaami A very well-known brand in Chinawho started the industry with TVs, but now make a lot of gadgets. The machine is easy to operate, with a power button on the back and an plus and minus buttons to change the intensity. Its strength can be adjusted in 99 stepswhich feels almost stepless. Your battery can run the gun for 10 hours at a timeso it takes a long time to discharge, but it ‘s easy to recharge after all It has a Type-C port.

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