“The strategy has not been kind to me”

George Russell is being the big reveal of the season in Formula 1. Although many already expected a great performance from the young Briton, what was more difficult to predict was that he would be ahead of Lewis Hamilton in four of the first five races. In Miami he again took the cat to the water.

Russell es the only driver on the grid who has managed to be in the top five in all races this season. And that allows him to stay alive enough in the fight for the drivers’ world championship, waiting for Mercedes to be able to put an improvement on the track that allows him to fight for victories.

An ill-timed safety car once again left Hamilton behind Russell

Hamilton Miami F1 2022

In Miami the young British made his worst classification of the season, falling in Q2 and starting from twelfth position. Russell explained that he had not had a good feeling with the car, but he more than solved it in the race. Thanks to a macro ‘overcut’ with the hard tireRussell strategically advanced almost the entire middle zone.

By the way, the one in Miami was already the third Grand Prix of five in which the two Mercedes are not in Q3. Something unthinkable in the past and that speaks of the fact that the German car has shortcomings in one lap, although in the race it clearly seems to be the third car with the best pace after Red Bull and Ferrari.

Hamilton Miami F1 2022 2

The fact is that Russell’s ‘overcut’ seemed like it was only going to take him to seventh position, but then a stroke of fortune improved his career: the safety car came out for the accident between Pierre Gasly and Lando Norris. Not only was Russell able to make a stop with less loss of time, but he latched onto Hamilton.

On newer, softer tyres, Russell passed Hamilton, albeit not without a battle, and a driving error by Valtteri Bottas, who was ahead, opened the door for him to be back in the top five. A fifth position that serves to open a gap with an increasingly frustrated Hamilton.

Russell Miami F1 2022

In fact Hamilton has gone faster than Russell in three of the five races, but something similar to what happens to Fernando Alonso with Esteban Ocon is happening to him: luck turns its back on him. As happened in Australia, in Miami another ill-timed safety car made Russell win the internal battle at Mercedes.

A) Yes, Hamiton is sixth in the world with 23 points less than George Russell. And the seven-time world champion lamented on the radio after the Safety Car: “The strategy is not being kind to me, man,” he said. After the race, one of his usual endless silences to cap off another frustrating day at the office.

Hamilton will have to remove his piercings before the Monaco Grand Prix

Hamilton Piercings F1 2022

Undoubtedly the strangest controversy in which Lewis Hamilton has been involved this weekend has been the one that concerns their piercings. The FIA ​​already warned him in Imola that he could not race with them for security reasons, but they have also been brought to Miami. It is an old rule, but one that the new FIA management wants to apply seriously now.

Hamilton at the moment refuses to take them off claiming that there are some that he cannot remove himself. Although he knew it from Imola, the FIA ​​has granted him a margin until Monaco, which means that in Barcelona he will also be able to race with his piercings without risk of being disqualified for it. Amazing.

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